A.P.N.U Submits Extracted List of Candidates for Councils


Press Release :  Tuesday DECEMBER 20, 2011


A.P.N.U has submitted the extracted names of candidates to fill the various places won for the National Assembly and the Regional Democratic Councils following the official declaration of results for the General and Regional Elections held on Monday 28th November.

A.P.N.U submitted Lists of Candidates to contest all of the ten Regional Democratic Councils, all ten Geographic Constituencies and the National Top-Up List for the National Assembly on Nomination Day. The total number of candidates approved by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) was four hundred and fifty-nine (459) as follows: Regional Elections: three hundred and twenty seven (327) of whom one hundred and thirty-eight (138) were women; Geographical Constituency Elections: forty-five (45), of whom nineteen were women; National Top-Up List: eighty-seven (87), of whom twenty-nine were women.

GECOM’s declaration of the results showed that A.P.N.U won 16 seats on the National Top-Up List, 10 seats on the Regional Geographic Constituencies List and  73 seats on the ten Regional Democratic Councils. The Leadership of A.P.N.U applied the already announced “CEGGO principle” – Competence, Ethnicity, Gender, Geographical, Generational and Occupational diversity – to determine those candidates to be extracted. In addition, their contribution and involvement in the campaign were also considered. Naturally, with so many candidates to choose from, the task was a difficult one, involving extensive consultation with the various partners and the campaign managers in various parts of the country.

The extracted persons from the Lists, therefore, reflect the commitment given by A.P.N.U before the Elections and provide a unique balance of competent people of all ages from all geographic regions of Guyana, all ethnic groups and occupations. Women and youth are well represented and the Partnership is confident that its extracted candidates present a competent and experienced team to work for the achievement of the objectives outlined in our Manifesto and to provide adequate representation of the more than one hundred and thirty-nine thousand, six hundred and seventy eight (139,678) voters who expressed confidence in A.P.N.U at the last elections.

Among the candidates extracted for the National Assembly are the outstanding indigenous leader from Surama, North Rupununi, Mr. Sydney Allicock of the Guyana Action Party (GAP) who recently won the prestigious Anthony N Sabga Caribbean Award for Excellence and Businessman, Ronald Bulkan. Among the young people extracted are Administrator, Annette Ferguson; Youth leader, Christopher Jones; Attorney-at-Law, James Bond; Teacher, Vanessa Kissoon and Justice For All (JFAP) member and Accountant, Jaipaul Sharma. Other persons from the APNU partners include, Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine and Mr. Desmond Trotman of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) and Mr. Keith Scott from the National Front Alliance (NFA).

Representing the hinterland along with Mr. Sydney Allicock are Ms. Dawn Hastings of Jawalla, Upper Mazaruni, Region #7 and Richard Allen, businessman from Port Kaituma, Region #1. Representing Region #4 are Accountant and Georgetown Chairman of the PNCR Ms. Volda Lawrence, Ms. Africo Selman, Mr. Basil Williams and Jaipaul Sharma. Representing Region #3 is Mr. John Adams; Region #5, Ms Jennifer Wade and, Region #10, Ms. Vanessa Kissoon and Pastor-Consultant, Rennis Morian.

Other candidates extracted from the National Top-Up List include, Economist, Mr. Carl Greenidge; Attorney-at-Law, Mr. Joseph Harmon; Opthalmologist, Dr. George Aubrey Norton and former Commissioner of Police Mr. Winston Felix.

The names of candidates extracted for the 10 Regional Democratic Councils reflect the same principles. The four candidates extracted for the RDC of Region #9, for example, are former activist of The United Force (TUF) Mr. Muacir Baretto from St. Ignatius, Guyana Action Party (GAP) activist, Mr. Vincent Henry, People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) activist Ms. Dionysia Thres (aka Neuenkirk) and A.P.N.U Regional Campaign Manager, Mr. Carl Parker. Region #2 RDC list includes Mr. Wazeer Latiff of the WPA.  The names of the persons extracted from the various lists are attached for the information of the public.

It should be noted that A.P.N.U has only extracted 25 of the 26 names for the National Assembly. The 26th name will be submitted after discussions and consultation are concluded for the Speaker of the National Assembly.

A Partnership for National Unity (A.P.N.U)

Secretariat –  121 Regent Road, Bourda – Georgetown, Guyana

Tuesday 20th December 2011

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  • Johan Greene  On December 22, 2011 at 1:36 pm

    I realy appriciate this list, and the timely way it is presented; lets move on in this orderly fashion and get Guyana working again. I sincerely would like to be a part of this. Please advise me..

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