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Guyanese Online Newsletter: Nov-Dec 2011

Nov-Dec 2011 Newsletter – Inside this Issue

Download: Guyanese Online Newsletter -Nov-Dec 2011

Page-1 – GUYANA ELECTIONS 2011 – Articles on the Elections;  Government, opposition to exchange lists of priority issues

Page 2 – Guyana’s Elections – A new era begins – Editorial;   Nov 15 – Dec 15 – 30 Most popular Blog entries

Page 3 – Guyana’s Parliament – History, Constitution and Operations; GUYANA’S CABINET – after 2011 ELECTIONS

Page 4 – Caribbean electorates: Not for sale – Commentary

Page 5 – New mining deal set to rake in whopping US$1.6B;  Guyana Goldfields considers selling Aurora operations

Page 6 – CGX Awards Drilling Contract for Off-shore Eagle Well ;   GGMC to be overhauled, new Commissioner identified;  Royal Caribbean – An iPad in every cabin

Page 7 – Combined opposition to push for higher wages, lower taxes;  Youth group denies calling for boycott of dozens of businesses Continue reading

Roads and Infrastructure – Commentary by Tony Vieira

Roads and Infrastructure

Commentary:  By Tony Vieira – Aired 27 November 2011

Over the past 5 years Guysuco embarked on a disastrous project at Skeldon which will cost this nation more than 200 million US dollars. To put this amount in perspective the annual budget of this country is around 800 million US dollars. This means GUYSUCO has spent 25% of what this country’s  total annual budget is on a white elephant which could very well bankrupt the entire industry since important factory  maintenance is not being done at the other GuySuCo factories because money is badly needed to finance this disaster.

I saw the AFC in the Kaiteur News of 28th August identifying the problem, but the young AFC economists, do not appreciate how difficult it is to convert the existing cambered beds in the industry to flat land for mechanical harvesting, made even more difficult in a country with as high a rainfall as oursI it was this very problem which we who have worked in the cane fields of Guyana understand i.e. that to convert the existing acreage of Skeldon, around 12,000 acres, to flatland was a tall and probably not attainable target, and to extend the Skeldon cultivation by another 12,000 acres was going to take at least a decade and was probably not achievable even then. But to expect that farmers would be able to finance the planting for mechanical harvesting of an additional 12,000 acres was impossible. Continue reading

Airport rush at CJIA – Timehri

Airport rush at CJIA – Timehri

December 17, 2011 | By KNews | <link

As the holiday season draws closer, the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) at Timehri was a packed place to be yesterday (December 16, 2011),  with five large planes on the ground and no place in the parking lot for visitors and others. Officials of the airport were forced to allow parking on the road leading to the Control Tower, south of the terminal.

On the ground, there were two Caribbean Airline planes, a Redjet, one Delta and new charter, Ezjet which is flying the Guyana/New York route. Continue reading

Greene proceeds on leave in wake of rape allegation

Greene proceeds on leave in wake of rape allegation; opposition, women lawyers welcome decision

Demerara Waves: December 17, 2011

Commissioner of the Guyana Police Force Henry Greene has proceeded on leave as an investigation gets underway into a rape allegation levelled against him earlier this week

The announcement came via the Government Information Agency (GINA) and amidst strident calls from opposition parties and interest groups for him to either resign or step aside so that an unimpeded investigation could be done.

According to a GINA release on Saturday, President Ramotar has acceeded to Greene’s request for leave in light of the allegation against him with Assistant Commissioner Leroy Brumell to serve as Commissioner in the interim.  Continue reading