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By  Ewalt “Waltie” Ainsworth                12 15 2011

Left hand should never know what right hand is handing out especially at Christmas when the demands are greatest on families, with jobs fleeting and money tight.  The global attitude must be gratitude but GT peeps, want to have it their way, all, all the time .  Some comrades have grown cruel so that they can be kind to the folks back home and at the same time, keep their own ship from sinking.

The mantra of sleeping less, eating less and talking less sounds good on a tweet or Facebook but when the  Christmas season rolls around, beggars become choosers. The ‘begee,’ has to become creative and work to death so that friends and family can stay alive.   All this time, everything that can possibly go wrong, goes wrong.  Douglar Evelyn, from Far-Rockaway, a New York ethnic enclave, has withdrawn from society and may need some divine intervention to help right side her dilemma.    Continue reading

Cricket: Steve Bucknor lashes WICB, players

Bucknor lashes WICB, players

(Jamaica Gleaner) FLORIDA, U.S. – December 13, 2011

The Jamaican whose job for more than two decades was to watch – up close – the world’s best cricketers at work has painted a damning picture of the recent crop of West Indies players and administrators.

Retired international umpire Steve Bucknor is also doubtful the region’s once formidable team, which he says is now littered with money-hungry, prideless players, can return among cricket’s elite soon.

“There is no problem as far as they (the players) are concerned,” said Bucknor, who stood in 128 Test matches between 1989 and 2009, including 26 in the West Indies. “I can see it. Once they are making money, (they) will play.”

Bucknor suggested a change in the system of compensation.   Continue reading