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Slingshot – Christmas in Guyana – music videos

Slingshot – Christmas in Guyana – music videos

Here are two music videos by Guyanese Soca artist Slingshot Drepaul that celebrate the Christmas season in Guyana … Enjoy!!

Slingshot – Christmas in Guyana

Christmas in Guyana   < click

Slingshot – A Very Merry Guyanese Christmas

A Very Merry Guyanese Christmas   < click

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Police Commissioner Henry Greene accused of rape

Top Cop invokes God as his judge following rape allegation

Demerara Waves – December 14, 2011

A 34-year-old woman has accused Commissioner of Police Henry Greene of raping her after she went to him for help on a matter involving another police officer and his wife.

The incident allegedly happened on November 22 last but was only reported to the police on Tuesday because the woman said she had been living in fear as a result of threats from her alleged rapist. She has retained Nigel Hughes as her attorney.
When Demerara Waves Online News (www.demwaves.com) contacted Greene on Tuesday he said he needed to get the details of the woman’s allegations before he made a statement if any.
In a further reaction on Wednesday following media reports on the woman’s claims Greene stated “Let God be the judge, suffice to say I’ve sought legal advice in that matter.”    Read more
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 For Immediate Release to All Media Houses

December 13, 2011
Georgetown, Guyana

PRESS RELEASE: APNU/AFC MEETING, Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Representatives of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC) met again yesterday to continue the exploratory process of a creating a sustainable framework for joint engagement in the National Assembly, and the shaping of a common agenda that takes into account the needs of the Guyanese people, their expectations, and the Parties’ commitments made during the just concluded campaign.

Most importantly, the representatives discussed a wide range of issues that address governance, and the economic wellbeing of the state and its citizens.  These included wide-ranging parliamentary reforms leading to a strong and participatory National Assembly, support for the strengthening of the rule of law, the lowering of the Value Added Tax, and increasing public service wages, among the most urgent.  Increases in Old Age Pension, increase of public sector wages and a re-examination of the Presidents’ Pension package were also listed for review.   Continue reading

RED AND WHITE THREAD – by Waltie Ainsworth

RED AND WHITE THREAD                                 

By Ewalt (Waltie) Ainsworth                    12-10- 2011

While the Red Thread women in Guyana are marching, protesting, demanding shared governance and a halt to the shooting of their men and children, the other white meat, Indo Guyanese, are disentangling from their other ethnic counterparts in North America.  This is direct fallout from the alleged falsified accounting and rigging of the elections.  The lines that divide are visible, pronounced, vexing and immediate.

The examples are varied and various and are also happening in the Regions on a smaller but manageable scale. One of Victoria’s most prominent families, a husband and wife team of medical practitioners, have been able to overcome their differences.  Surely, their overseas partners should take a leaf out of their book.  The husband, Dr. Cummings, was a candidate for the affected PPP while his wife, Karen, also a doctor, was a candidate for the afflicted APNU.  The children hanged TUF: (The United Force).  You cannot beat that in a month of Sundays.          Continue reading

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