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Youth group denies calling for boycott of dozens of businesses

Youth group denies calling for boycott of dozens of businesses

Demerara Waves – December 13, 2011

The Youth Coalition for Transformation (YCT) is calling on youths to be “fiscally conservative” with their cash even as it rejects reports that it has called for a boycott of dozens of businesses supportive of the ruling PPP/C.

The group, with many of its key members being PNCR members and supporters, held its first media briefing on Tuesday at City Hall where it categorically denied a report carried in the Guyana Times newspaper.

That report stated that there was a list with the names of some 70 businesses which the YCT has called to be boycotted. The group said its call has only targeted two specific businesses.

“Whilst representatives of the YCT have made specific calls for youths to abstain from spending lavishly to attend functions promoted by Kashif and Shanghai and Hits and Jams Promotions, the organisation has not issued, endorsed nor supported any list of businesses to be boycotted,” young attorney James Bond read from a statement.     Read more

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Elections outcome could bring national healing, says Kwayana

Elections outcome could bring national healing, says Kwayana

– hopes parties will pursue unity gov’t

Stabroek News – by Mark McGowan| COMMENTS | December 11, 2011

With the outcome of the recent general elections, former WPA executive member Eusi Kwayana believes Guyana has its best opportunity to end years of bitter rivalry between the major races and he says now is the ideal time for the political parties to work towards a national unity government.

Guyanese of Indian and African descent have been in rivalry since colonial times and this has been perpetuated into the modern day because both the PNC and the PPP/C regimes excluded other races, Kwayana, a stalwart in local politics, argues. As a result of this history, he believes that “any serious offspring of a slave or an indentured servant” would not want to spend the rest of his/her life fighting each other.   Continue reading

Completion of SOPs verification by midweek – APNU

Completion of SOPs verification by midweek – APNU

Demerara Waves – December 12, 2011

Opposition coalition, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) says it expects to complete the verification of the Statements of Poll (SOPs) exercise sometime by mid-week.

The coalition had demanded an all-party verification of the SOPs following the declaration of the November 28 elections results on December 1. The APNU has contended that there were too many discrepancies in the electoral process and while it has not rejected the PPP/C’s victory it had pressed for the verification of the results.              Continue reading

Granger calls for Tri-partite Budget Committee


  Monday 12th December 2011 – For Immediate Release


 A Partnership for National Unity (A.P.N.U) Presidential Candidate Brigadier David Granger has issued an urgent call for the establishment of a Tri-Partite Budget Committee. The call comes before the convening of the 10th Parliament, expected to take place later this year.

Mr. Granger has suggested that the proposed Tri-Partite Budget Committee be convened as early as possible to oversee preparation of the Budget (and subsequent budgets). This Committee will, among other things:

  • · collaborate with the Bank of Guyana, Statistical Bureau and other departments in presenting an accurate and detailed picture of the economy;
  • · identify all sources of funds and examine potential sources of new funds;
  • · propose tax reform measures, including the lowering of VAT and personal income tax, with their likely impact on revenue and economic growth;
  • · propose the inclusion of programmes and projects consistent with public needs identified during the elections (e.g., a job-creation, community-renewal, improved education and poverty-alleviation programmes); and
  • · examine all categories of expenditure and recommend areas where expenditure could be adjusted, foregone, revised, reviewed, renewed or removed.   Continue reading
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