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Détente and rapprochement or relentless hegemony – Freddie Kissoon

Détente and rapprochement or relentless hegemony


We are at the stalemate stage on the chessboard of politics. It constitutes a fascinating moment in politics since the early 20th century. The PPP won the presidency but the combined opposition has control of the Parliament. Ignorant people who don’t understand the lessons of history will continue to be ignorant.

The PPP acceded to a call from the PNC under Robert Corbin and passed recall legislation that prevents a Parliamentarian from voting with the other side. He/she can be recalled by their party. If that didn’t happen, the PPP could have stolen a few opposition parliamentarians in the new Parliament (to be convened shortly) and would have had a black cheque in Parliament to continue on its path of Jagdeoite hegemony.              Continue reading

MPs to pursue jailing corrupt officials – Ramjattan

MPs to pursue jailing corrupt officials

DECEMBER 11, 2011 | BY KNEWS |

 “It was barefaced thieving,”– Ramjattan

The Alliance for Change (AFC) along with the other Parliamentary Opposition party,  A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) will be using its combined majority in the National Assembly to seek to push for the investigation, prosecution and subsequent incarceration of Public and Government officials found to have been guilty of corrupt practices and financial irregularities.

AFC Presidential Khemraj Ramjattan said that during the political campaign that his party had committed itself to having corrupt Government officials be held accountable. He said his party will work with APNU to push for some of the Parliamentary Standing Committees to investigate the actions of some of the Public and Government officials.

Ramjattan said that they will be using bodies such as the Economic Services Committee and the Public Accounts Committee among others where they can determine if enough evidence exists to have these persons prosecuted and should the Director of Public Prosecution Shalimar Ali-Hack fail to act in the face of evidence then private action will be taken against her as well.   Read more

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A bad week – Editorial

A bad week  – Editorial

Posted By Stabroek staff On December 11, 2011

Suspicion is the curse of this country. There are historical reasons for it, of course, which hardly need any elaboration, but in terms of its consequences it produces all kinds of irrationalities. Last week in particular was not a good week for the nation. At the bottom of everything which went wrong was the whole matter of the Statements of Poll (SoP). In fact, possibly much of what happened could have been avoided if Gecom had simply agreed to make available the SoPs at the time APNU requested them. They are, after all, public documents and were posted outside the polling stations after the count, so there should have been no problem providing copies to all the political parties, and not just to APNU.

No doubt Gecom was irritated by Mr David Granger’s insistence that the party he represented would not accept the results unless it saw the SoPs, but as a public agency in charge of a democratic election process it has a duty to ensure that the parties – and by extension the public – are satisfied that everything is transparent. This is especially so in circumstances where mistrust is ingrained in the social psyche.  As it was, it was perhaps no surprise that elements in APNU married the delays in the announcement of results to the reluctance to make available the SoPs, and arrived at the conclusion that everything was not kosher. Gecom’s stance, of course was not helped by the fact that it had granted a recount to the PPP/C even before the results had been announced, so its lack of response to APNU opened it to accusations of a lack of even-handedness.  Continue reading

Three containers with ballot boxes breached – PPP/C shocked

PPP/C says shocked at breaching of three containers with ballot boxes

 Stabroek editor – December 11, 2011 @ 7:01 pm

The PPP/C says it is shocked at the discovery today that three containers holding ballot boxes from the November 28 general elections were breached at Coldingen, East Coast Demerara. There has so far been no official word on this from the Guyana Elections Commission.

The PPP/C statement said in part:

“The People’s Progressive Party/Civic is flabbergasted by the on-going efforts by certain forces to interfere with the integrity of the 2011 elections material and vital evidence should there be either a recount or even a forensic audit which the party is advocating.    Continue reading