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Rohee blames Police for firing on protesters

Rohee blames Police for firing on protestors


Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee has blamed the Guyana Police Force for what he described as the inexplicable and unacceptable shooting of protestors in the back last Tuesday.

The Minister conveyed his utter displeasure at the actions of the police during a meeting on Thursday with Commissioner of Police, Henry Greene;  Assistant Commissioner, George Vyphius,  Commander “A” Division; Senior Superintendent Linden Alves, 2nd  in command of “A” Division; Superintendent Errol Watts  3rd in command of the same division;  Senior Superintendent Clifton Hicken, officer in charge of the Tactical Services Unit and Assistant Superintendent Patrick Todd, Unit Commander, to initiate  investigations into the circumstances surrounding the shooting of rubber bullets at A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) protestors three days ago.

The Minister said that the actions of the police were another manifestation of bad judgement by the ranks on the ground and must never be repeated.  Read more

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Political maturity – Editorial

Political maturity – Editorial

Posted By Stabroek staff On December 9, 2011  Editorial |

President Donald Ramotar would be forgiven for thinking that his term at the head of a minority government has not got off to the most auspicious of beginnings, with some worrying signs in the immediate aftermath of the elections.

The PPP/C’s ungracious statement voicing disappointment with the results of the general election not only rebuked its supporters for failing to vote but also suggested that, had it lost the presidency, “[i]t might almost have been the last free and fair election [Guyanese] would have experienced.” Rather than coming across as “a wake-up call to the nation,” the crude and cynical tone of the statement sits uncomfortably with Mr Ramotar’s statesmanlike opening words at his inauguration: “The results have been declared. These results reflect the democratic will of the people which is paramount and which must be respected. This is the very essence of democracy and our elections have reaffirmed our maturity as a democratic nation, something of which we should all be proud.”    Read more

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Useless and counterproductive protests – Editorial

Useless and counterproductive protests

Guyana Chronicle – Editorial –  Thursday, 08 December 2011

OUR recent national elections were pronounced upon as free and fair by both local and international observers and all political parties, except one, accepted the results without any difficulties. The President and his Cabinet have been sworn in and they have assumed their respective offices. It is therefore baffling what A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and its supporters are protesting about.

The only logical motive behind these protests could be to put the government under pressure with the hope of destabilising it, because counting the ballots at the place of poll in the presence of representatives of all parties and electoral officials eliminates any possibility of fraud or rigging. Admittedly, there could be some inaccuracies because of human error, but these could be picked up and corrected easily and in any case these inaccuracies would hardly likely have any bearing on the outcome of the elections.       Continue reading

Private Sector official points to indications of wonderful Christmas

Private Sector official points to indications of wonderful Christmas
Written by Telesha Persaud –  Guyana Chronicle
Friday, 09 December 2011 03:44
–  from next Saturday, Delta Airlines will be flying seven days a week into Guyana
– businesses in Georgetown back to normalcy following elections 

LEADING Private Sector official, Captain Gerry Gouveia is optimistic that the country will see a “wonderful” Christmas this time around, as a significant number of Guyanese are, presently, busy preparing for the season.

Captain Gerry Gouveia (left)

The owner of Roraima Airways and a number of other businesses spoke with the Guyana Chronicle at his Duke Lodge, in Kingston, Georgetown.
He declared that Christmas “is already upon us”.  “It’s getting more and more busy” and the country is now seeing an increased number of tourists.
Gouveia said a lot of people are travelling to Kaieteur Falls and the various resorts and, from December 17, Delta Airlines will be flying seven days a week into Guyana.
This period will also see many overseas Guyanese returning home to spend holidays with their families and friends. “It will be a wonderful Christmas in Guyana,” he reiterated, adding that a “tremendous amount of people are booking” to come home.      read more