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GuySuCo Second Crop 2011 – by Tony Vieira

GuySuCo Second Crop 2011

By Tony Vieira – Aired 21 November 2011 – Commentary

In my commentary GuySuCo 2011 First Crop which was first aired on June 19th 2011, I said quote “In the press release by CEO Bhim on the 29th March 2011 GuySuCo’s production at that time according to him was 47,000 tons against an estimated first crop production of 138,793 tons and that he was confident that he will achieve his target. As usual he didn’t”!

In a marathon first crop of 23 weeks up to week ending 9th June 2011, GuySuCo achieved its weekly target only twice, in week 4 and in week 16. And at the end of the crop they produced not the estimated 138,793 tons but around 105,000 tons i.e. about 75% of what they were supposed to produce. At that time [29th March 2011] GuySuCo’s Chairman Bhim told the nation that his annual 2011 projection was to produce 305,000 tons.

I observed in my commentary the following; quote “Since the 2010 year produced only 220,000 tons of sugar, Bhim did not elaborate on how he was going to achieve 305,000 tons in 2011” no one, and I mean no one can produce 220,000 one year and 300,000 tons the very next year, I also said this quote “we still have the Skeldon SSMP problem which is still a massive white elephant so expecting more than 260,000 tons this year based on the performance so far whilst not impossible, is not probable” I was right. Since as of the end of October 2011 the second crop only produced 96,931 tons to the end of October, so we have only produced around 200,000 tons for the year so far and the rains are upon us now. It is therefore unreasonable for us to produce 280,000 tons for 2011 and it is looking more like my 240-260 thousand ton estimate as more realistic as usual.    Continue reading

JUAN ‘NEEMAKARAM’ by Waltie Ainsworth


By Ewalt (Waltie) Ainsworth                       12 07 2011

Commonsense is not a by-product of rage or bullying.  And so  the brand new second hand/hand me down Donald Ramotar Presidency is enraged, stumbling, bumbling, collapsing as the joint APNU strengthens its hand for a curriculum of inclusion in governance.

Immediate Past President Bharrat Jagdeo is stuffing more of his henchmen on Ramotar and the Guyanese people without looking over their shoulders.  These neemakarams in the cabinet, executive offices and security details are toxic misfits and fiduciary plunderers.  “You bad, you glad” perhaps is the password to higher service.

Neemakaram is a Hindi word, loosely translated means that the operatives are not worth their salt.  On Monday, first official day in office after rigging the November 28 Guyana elections, Mr. Ramotar announced 20 cabinet appointments, headlined by Preacher and cultural cartoon, Juan Edghill, as Minister in the Ministry of Finance.  This is way out of his stream, indoctrination, training, exposure and or expertise.  Edghill may be a good coteur in a frock, but Finance Minister is both gross and ridiculous.  Continue reading

Release of Statement of Polls does not end the struggle – OVNN

Release of Statement of Polls does not end the struggle for equal rights and justice in Guyana

Georgetown Guyana December7th 2001: Less than 24 hours after police brutally suppressed a peaceful demonstration in Georgetown, Guyana, the Guyana Election Commission; on instructions from the Private Sector Commission (PSC) is poised to deliver a digital copy of their version of the Statement of Polls for the November 28th National and Regional elections to the opposition parties.

Fearing an economic boycott, the PSC demanded that GECOM hand over the requested documents. What the Private Sector Commission and the enablers of the minority PPPC government failed to realize is that the list was just a small request in a bigger list of demands that calls for jobs, justice and a government of national unity in Guyana.  Continue reading

ADDRESS TO THE NATION By Brigadier David Granger


By: Brigadier David Granger

 Georgetown, Guyana – Tuesday 6th December 2011


 People waited for hours to vote, many for the first time in their lives, in our general and regional elections on Monday 28th November. Lines of voters in large numbers stretched around schools, public buildings and private residences.  Guyanese, on the coastland and hinterland, town and country believed that elections 2011 would be different.  They believed that their voices would express that difference and that their votes could make that difference.

Young and old, rich and poor – Amerindians, Africans, East Indians, Chinese, Portuguese, people of mixed origin – sent a message to the world. Guyanese are not a motley collection of races.  We are not a geographical collection of ‘red’ and ‘green’ regions. We are one people and one nation.  Continue reading

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