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“Shared governance or no governance” – OVNN Analysis

Georgetown, Guyana: December 4th, 2011 — OVNN is convinced that the PPPC government rigged the 2011 presidential elections. It is clear that the PPPC would have lost the presidency all together or lost many more seats in parliament had it not been for GECOM’s delay and Surujbally’s help in ensuring the rigging was accepted. Be that as it may, none of us can claim surprise at this outcome. In fact, “to be forewarned is to be forearmed” and as time unfolds, questions about why proactive measures weren’t put into place by the opposition to ensure that rigging would not be easy for the PPPC will begin to surface.However, OVNN recently came into possession of some thought provoking analysis which anyone can replicate by perusing the data from GECOM’s own site.   Continue reading

Ramjattan boycotts Ramotar swearing in

Ramjattan boycotts Ramotar swearing in


….says was responding to malicious lies being peddled by NCN

Alliance for Change Chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan, says that it was the malicious lies being peddled by the National Communications Network and the inability of the People’s Progressive Party Civic to reign in the aggravating reports that caused him to not attend the swearing-in ceremony of Donald Ramotar as Head of State.

Ramjattan has asserted that his party will remain an independent party.
According to reports the state-owned National Communication Network in Berbice, where the AFC had a significant number of crossover votes from the once dominant People’s Progressive Party, has been reporting that AFC is now in bed with A Partnership for National Unity.  Continue reading

Graphic facts and brutal realities – 2011 elections – Freddie Kissoon

Graphic facts and brutal realities of the 2011 national elections

It wasn’t APNU. It wasn’t the AFC. It wasn’t Freddie Kissoon and Nigel Hughes who Bharrat Jagdeo loves to cuss down. It wasn’t the Kaieteur News and Stabroek News. It was the Commonwealth Observer Group that told the Guyanese people that there was definite unfairness in the elections because State resources were used by the PPP in its campaign. Demerarawaves.com in its report concluded that the team stopped short of characterizing the election as fair.

To say that State resources were used by the ruling party in the elections is to put it in a mild, mild way. There was a massive transfer of facilities and resources from the governmental structures to the PPP campaign. It was graphic, immoral and barefaced.

And how do I know this? I saw this infamy with my own two eyes over a period of six weeks.           Continue reading

JAGDEO HOMELESS – by Waltie Ainsworth


By: Ewalt  (Waltie) Ainsworth            –                    12 03 2011

Newly sworn in President, Mr. Donald Ramotar, is experiencing a double edged crisis (not necessarily in the order listed).  The first one is the potential appointment and announcement of AFC’s  Presidential Candidate Khemraj Ramjattan as Prime Minister. The second other primary issue is finding a home for Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo.

Jagdeo has not been taking calls and the regular cassanovas he hangs out with, are having a hard time pin pointing his place of abode.  In other words he is missing in action and missing the action and the actions of those who want to catch up with him for some re-action after the bare face rigging.   Continue reading

“Let them eat cake…” PSC; “money talks”…. Commentary by OVNN

“Let them eat cake…” PSC; “money talks”….

“Let them eat cake…” PSC; “money talks”…. and the people will hold on to their money  —  Commentary by OVNN
Georgetown, Guyana: December 3rd, 2011:One full week hasn’t yet passed, wounds of the APNU supporters are still raw, Ramotar will soon be sworn in sometime today, the leaders of all parties are debating next steps and Gerry Gouveia and the Private Sector Commission are calling for an end to peaceful protests in the streets.The Private Sector Commission needs special mention this morning.This cabal of the nation’s wealthy and elite; a group of men who run monopolies and oligopolies in Guyana, who are comfortable with the level of access they have with the PPPC insiders and who are willing to pay their bribes in exchange for every lucrative financial opportunity available in Guyana have the temerity to look down upon suffering Guyanese citizens and call for an end to peaceful protests. They do not know our pain, that is clear.  Continue reading

DEM HOOLIGANS……Familiar theme – different “Language”‏ – Commentary

DEM HOOLIGANS……Familiar theme – different “Language”‏ – Commentary


Since yesterday I’ve had many folks call me for updates on “wha happenin in town”.

“Why dem behavin so?”

“Is de same ting every time dem lose.”

“Dem always got to bruk up and mek trouble.”

“Dem nah like wuk.”

“Dem hooligans at it again nah?”

Let me state at the outset that I have had conversations with persons integrally involved in the process (not Dr. Steve Surujbally or Gocool Boodhoo) for whom I have the highest regard and they assure me that the results as announced by GECOM are not unfair. On that basis I accept the results. Let me also state that I do not endorse any form of physical assault, brutality and destruction of property.

But let me tell you a few things about ‘dem hooligans’.    Continue reading