How the PPP Rigged the 2011 Elections – by Malcolm Harripaul

HOW THE PPP AND GECOM RIGGED THE 2011 ELECTIONS  by Malcolm Harripaul –  Commentary

 The election that was held on 28th Nov 2011 was rigged by the PPP and GECOM. When one rigs an election from a minority base he has to take large blocks of votes away from the majority and so his rigging is easily detected. On the other hand when one rigs from a large base he does not have to take away votes from the minority. He only has to keep his base numbers high and this not easily detectable. That is why observers have a difficulty catching the PPP at rigging.

During the elections campaign the traditional PPP supporter stayed away from PPP meetings so much so that the PPP had to “rig” crowds at its rallies. When PPP supporters stayed away from the polls the PPP had to rig the elections. 

The report that follows is my own finding which are based on my personal experience on elections day.

Voter Turnout

The voter turnout in APNU strongholds was very high as was evident from the large crowds seen at the polling places throughout the morning. That was in stark contrast to PPP strongholds where only small groups of voters were seen. Yet according to the Statements of Poll the turnout in PPP areas was high. How is such a contradiction possible? The answer lies in the rigging process such as multiple voting and phantom voting.

Multiple Voting

Multiple voting was facilitated through several mechanisms and those were as follows:

As many as 8 polling stations were located in a building. The voters list for that polling place was split alphabetically which meant each station was supposed to have just a section of the list so that a voter’s name can only appear once at the entire polling place. However each station had the entire list which meant that a voter’s name appeared at each station. The situation was created where by a voter could vote at each station, as many as 4 to 8 times depending on the size of the building.

The indelible ink that was used to stain voters’ index finger was found in many cases to take as long as 15 to 20 minutes to be effective. In other cases the stain was easily removed. Again the situation was created for an elector to vote multiple times.

I dealt with one case on elections day where at Timehri Primary School on the East Bank Demerara a group of 26 PPP supporters were detected voting at least twice. Their names appeared on the lists of all the polling stations located in the building and the ink was slow to stain the finger. So multiple voting did take place and it was widespread.

I saw a group of PPP supporters being briefed outside West Demerara Secondary School. I got reports of groups of young PPP supporters being moved around on the East Bank Essequibo.

Buying Voters ID Card

At West Demerara Secondary School I saw PPP activists with a briefcase full of Voter ID Cards. They were distributing the cards to a group of PPP supporters. Voters also received a slip of paper which they had to present later for payment. The same set of PPP activists also went to Vreed En Hoop Primary School where they distributed ID cards to their supporters. Many voters later complained of receiving some counterfeit notes with their payment. Some shopkeepers also said they received counterfeit $1000.00 notes.

GECOM Created Obstacles to Polling Agents.

Since 1992 it was always the practice of GECOM to issue Letters of Employment to Polling Agents to enable them to vote at the station they were working at rather than where they were registered. Two days before elections GECOM aborted that practice by refusing to issue Letters of Employment. It meant that polling Agents would be late, would leave the polling station, or don’t show up at all if they had to work outside of their registered districts. That created a window of opportunity for PPP allied polling officials to mark up ballots for the PPP. Opposition polling agent were absent from most stations in the Amerindian communites.

Polling Places Located At Homes Of PPP Supporters.

Although our population has been declining, and as a consequence our national list of electors has stagnated or declined, GECOM increased the number of polling places, especially on the East Coast of Demerara, Region 4. There, newly created polling places, most a few days before elections, were located at the homes of known PPP supporters. This was done to facilitate phantom voting to counter APNU strongholds in Region 4.

PPP Controlled GECOM.

In PPP strongholds the GECOM polling staff comprised PPP members and supporters. The Rural Constables who provided security at polling places were also under the control of the PPP. The PPP utilized the structure and resources of the Neighborhood Democratic Councils (NDC). The NDC chairmen were the persons who were in command of the rigging operation. In every report I got of irregularities and breaches of the law the main culprits were the NDC chairmen.

At Silk Cotton Dam, Zeelugt, EBE, a NDC chairman had a gang of young PPP supporters whom he used to threaten to kill APNU officials if they did not leave the polling places. At Diamond EBD it was the NDC chairman who supervised the tampering of ballot boxes and the removal of the envelopes containing Statements of Poll on Wed 30th Nov. That was the EBD area where the PPP had called for a recount.

PPP Phantom Voting.

PPP phantom voting is a phenomena whereby an elector votes without ever setting foot in the polling station or signing a proxy form. Phantom Voting is done by PPP allied polling officials who mark ballots for the PPP in the absence of polling agents, or in many cases by simply conning the agents. Care is taken not to exceed the numbers on the polling station list as that would raise a red flag with the Local and International Observers.

Due to lack of opposition polling agents the PPP captured the Amerindian votes through phantom voting.

Ballot Box Tampering

On Tue 29th Nov concerned citizens reported that ballot boxes were being tampered with at North Ruimveldt Multilateral School in which all the ballot boxes for District 4 South Georgetown were stored by GECOM. APNU was able to obtain 11 broken ballot box seals from someone who smuggled them past heavily armed police. That was the same district that the PPP wanted a recount after its agent “fixed” the votes.

Ballot Boxes Found On The West Demerara.

On Wed 30th Nov one ballot box was found at Vreed En Hoop, West Coast Demerara, and another was found at Versailles West Bank Demerara, Region 3. The finds were made after Police had searched the homes of 2 PPP activists in the area for ballot boxes. Homes were also searched for ID cards. It was clear that PPP personnel were involved in nefarious activities with ballot boxes and ID cards.

PPP Calls For Recount

The PPP had called for a recount of ballots on the West Demerara, South Georgetown, and East Bank Demerara. Those were the locations where ballot boxes were tampered with after polling and after being secured by GECOM. It was clear that the PPP called for a recount after it had “fixed” the ballots in its favour.

Statements Of Poll.

The Statements of Poll (SOPs) are the most important document generated during the electoral process. They are a count of the votes and are the basis on which the election results are tabulated and declared. The SOPs do not reflect multiple and phantom voting. Those have to be detected on the ground and objections must be raised immediately to stop the fraud. If multiple and phantom voting are not detected then the elections appear to be good and so the rigging cannot be detected on the SOPs, especially when, as is the case of the PPP, you have the largest bloc of traditional voters and you just have to keep your numbers high but do not exceed the list.


The APNU won the elections. Our supporters came out early in large numbers to vote all over Guyana. The PPP traditional supporters turned out in small numbers. In Jagdeo’s home village of Unity, Mahaica, ECD, out of 484 electors, only 184 showed up to vote. I saw people straggling to vote in the PPP traditional strongholds, but just as the PPP “rigged” its rallies, it had to resort to multiple and phantom voting to rig the numbers in their strongholds and the Amerindian communites, and so rig the elections. The regime has stolen the elections and the government from APNU.

We want justice. We want our election that we won. We want the Presidency and the Government which we won by the ballots. But we are willing to share the Government in the interest of peace and unity, and so we demand POWER SHARING.

Malcolm Harripaul


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  • Bonzo  On 12/03/2011 at 11:49 pm

    Serious allegations. An omnipresent man. Are you a part of the Holy Spirit? How about some statistical proof? A quantitative analysis would be more convincing to the educated. Harripaul, are you doing this to get in the news? If so, then you have a personality problem and should seek professional help.

  • Chandra Singh  On 12/04/2011 at 4:42 am

    Malcolm, your true Color came out in your last paragraph. You ought to be ashamed of this article. If you desire power sharing go Win an election…you did not win a darn thing. Your name should be Malcom Harris instead.

    • guyaneseonline  On 12/04/2011 at 5:03 am

      Hello Chandra:
      I have not blocked your comment as I want readers to see the racism that is embodied in it when you said his name should be Malcolm Harris. That is the kind of comment that has Guyana where it is today.

      Not because M. Malcolm Harripaul has an Indian name he cannot support the APNU or support the causes identified by their members. The PPP/C has African supporters who belong to and fight for that party – are they traitors as well?

      Let us stop this kind of talk. I will not allow on this Blog, so if you or anyone else starts this type of race based commentary I will have to block you.

      Guyana is a multi -racial society and even our new President Donald Ramotar is of mixed ancestry as his mother was of African and Amerindian heritage. Most Guyanese – and many persons who call themselves Indian and African are of mixed heritage. The parties in Guyana reflect a mixture of membership although the two major parties are identified with the major ethnic groups.

      We can discuss and criticize, ideas, behavior and policies of Government and individuals without using the race card.
      Thank you.

      Cyril Bryan – Editor – Guyanese Online

  • Ranji Beharry  On 12/07/2011 at 4:08 am

    Seriously haribal, you need help… poor kid…., sorry boy, you just got it wrong, but if it is attention that you’re seeking, your approach is misguided

  • Colin  On 12/07/2011 at 4:27 am

    Here I will provide you with a simple analysis of how the the PPP support has declined and how the 2011 Region 3 and 4 numbers were obviously inflated for the PPP to win the 2011 elections and achieve the Presidency.
    It is important to use the 2006 Elections as your starting point.
    In most of the regions, the PPP suffered a MASSIVE haemorrhaging of support since the last election.
    For example in region 6 they got 42,248 votes in the 2006 election but only 32,360 in 2011 election. That represents a massive 23% drop in support.
    Here’s more (please look at the figures on the GECOM website):
    PPP performance:
    Region 1 = 22% Drop in support.
    Region 2 = 14% Drop in support.
    Region 5 = 15% Drop in support.
    Region 6 = 23% Drop in support.
    Yet the PPP expects us to believe that somehow miraculously they achieved these two results:
    Region 3 = 4% Drop in support.
    Region 4 = 2% Drop in support.
    Now consider this fact: in every region where APNU had its best improvements on the 2006 election, the PPP had huge drops in support. The tables show that these were regions 7, 8, 9, 10.
    APNU performance:
    Region 7 = 54% Increase in support
    Region 8 = 37% Increase in support
    Region 9 = 122% Increase in support
    Region 10 = 57% Increase in support
    But what about regions 3 and 4?
    APNU had big improvements:
    Region 3 = 29% Increase in support
    Region 4 = 25% Increase in support
    There are no regions which show simultaneously a big improvement for APNU and the PPP holding their vote……. Except Regions 3 and 4.
    There are no regions which show increased overall voter turnout from the 2006 elections……… Except Regions 3 and 4.
    There are no regions which show the PPP holding onto their 2006 elections votes………. Except Regions 3 and 4.
    What’s the explanation? After all the PPP could not risk suppressing the APNU votes in these regions. They had to defraud the electorate in such a way as to mask their actions. They did it in two of the three biggest electoral regions: namely Regions 3 and 4. Because it is easier to hide fraud amongst big numbers.
    The only explanation is that they committed massive electoral fraud on an industrial scale in Regions 3 and 4 by grossly inflating the PPP vote. That explains why there was ‘increased’ voter turnout.
    ELECTORAL FRAUD is the only explanation as to why the PPP appeared to do so ‘well’ in Regions 3 and 4 while everywhere else they were taking a shellacking.

  • Lisa Marslowe  On 12/10/2011 at 8:50 pm

    The PPP is guilty of rigging the 2011 Guyana elections.

    They are also guilty of inciting racism against African Guyanese, disenfranchising their communities economically, preventing African Guyanese from equal access to jobs and using drug lords to assassinate over 400 African Guyanese who criticize their regime.

    The PPP in summary is a racist Indian party that rigs elections to stay in power so they can oppress blacks.

  • Huge George  On 12/13/2011 at 4:47 am

    I know that Haripaul is lying

  • Naseer Ahmad  On 12/13/2011 at 6:12 am

    Malcolm Harripaul is nothing but a low-life who would incite racial violence in any country. I am now appealing to the CIA to arrest Malcolm Harripaul and forced him to do a lie detector test that whatever he said on the web site is true.
    My name is Naseer Ahmad and I am a member of the Peoples Progerssive Party (PPP). I am also the driver of vehicle # PJJ 1298. On election’s day, 28th November, 2011, I was the PPP’s candidate who was assigned to the Malgre Tout Primary, Shirley Field Ridley Nursery and the West Demerara secondary Schools. At about 7:30 hours that day I received several calls from my party comrades (one of those being comrade Komal Chand) that almost over a hundred Indians voters were turned away from the place of poll (West Demerara Secondary School) by GECOM’s Information Clerks (all afro Guyanese). The reason told to me was that their names were not on the voters list of electors. I immediately rushed down to the West Dem. School where the voters were most affected. I returned home, collect my laptop along with a copy of the voters list for the three schools and return to the said affected area. Settling down under a tree opposite the West Dem School was cde. Komal’s son with his laptop, a few party comrades and myself along with my laptop. We began locating the said affected Indian voter’s names on the list. We helped by collecting the affected voters ID cards one at a time, verify their names are on the list, then write the voters serial numbers and polling station box numbers on pieces of papers and give them along with their ID cards; this is something that I have learned through tradition on every Election’s Day. This was also done by other parties contesting the election every election’s day. This process helps GECOM’s information staff from having long queues. I remember Malcolm Harripaul observing what was going on from the opposite side of the road; he crosses the road and I greeted him with a hand shake. I knew Malcolm since school days; we were form-mates at the said West Dem School. It is very surprising that Malcolm chats with me briefly and never mentioned that anything was wrong; nor did he reported to any of the police officers (Afro Police) present at all polling places. I do remember John Adams who is a very good friend of mine and who is also a Candidate for APNU has came to me and shake my hands and also observed what was transpiring. I also remember a white observer (a woman) from the OAS was there with her driver; she came to me and asked what was the problem with the voters was and I complained of my observances where only East Indians voters were turned away by the GECOM Staff. I want to suspect that the GECOM staffs who were polarized, probably thought that every Indian voter is a PPP supporter and that is why they were denying the Indians their rights. Subsequently, the Observer gave me a complaint sheet of paper where I wrote of my observance, signed my name and returned the paper to her. Later that morning, about 11:30hrs, Miss Backer was about 4 feet away from me with some gentlemen; I repeat, with some gentlemen, trying to intimidate me. On her departure she told the men to “beat them up.” I started to panic but I tell myself that I have done no wrong and be brave. However, she left and the goodly gentlemen just walked away. It was very surprising that sometime after 18:00hrs that day a friend of mine called me on the phone and informed me that Mr. David Granger was on television, on a news brief that a PPP supporter with vehicle #PJJ 1298 was with a stack of ID cards sharing to PPP supporters with a piece of paper. The next morning I learnt again that Mr. Ropert Roopnarine was on another television channel with the same ramblings as Mr. Granger. What worries me is that in spite of all the lies being peddled. There is no photograph or video being taken to prove anything. Members of the public, I want you to be the judge; why would anyone have a stack of ID cards in the public and at such close proximity to the polling station and the full public. I believe what angered Malcolm is that he hates his own race so much that he would have preferred to see them not getting a chance to vote at all, because he believes that every Indian would vote for the PPP. When we were helping those voters we never tell them where to vote or asked them who they were voting for. We were just helping. And for the world to know, the name Ahmad means the helper in Arabic.
    Best Regards,
    Naseer Ahmad

  • Gigi  On 06/03/2015 at 11:06 am

    @ Guyaneseonline. I took Chandra’s inference to mean Malcolm Harris in relation to Katherine Harris, the white republican woman who rigged the Florida election in 2000 to give George Bush the US presidency. Harris IS a white Scottish surname. So where’s the racism? He did not use an African last name.

  • Thinker  On 06/03/2015 at 5:22 pm

    Gigi is convinced that we are all a pack of fools. The Michael Harris line applied to Harripaul is not new.

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