APNU youth rally calls for non-violent revolution

APNU youth rally calls for non-violent revolution


Hundreds of A Partnership for National Unity supporters particularly the youths last evening re-converged at Square of the Revolution where the recurring theme for the night was that of a non-violent revolution in Guyana to achieve the change that they are demanding.

Among the speakers at the event were Attorney-at-Law James Bond, APNU Candidate Annette Ferguson, APNU Diaspora supporter Ovid Morrison, Guyana Peoples Partnership member Vaughn Phillips, Akeem Peters and Wayne Mason among others.

One of the Chairpersons of the meeting, Derwin Grumble, emphasized that the occasion was not a political rally or an APNU rally but rather a youth rally.
He said that for too long the youths of Guyana have suffered. “All we are asking for is a change.”

Grumble said that for too long the youths of Guyana have been spending years and millions of dollars studying at the University of Guyana only to be rewarded with no jobs or jobs that pay next to nothing.

Ferguson told the gathering that on November 28, “we came out in our numbers and voted and we were looking for change….I am bleeding within…I am with a university degree and unemployed.”

The APNU Candidate said that for too long she has been oppressed. “I am prepared to fight the good fight for the nation…We have to come together…United we stand or divided we fall.”

She told those gathered that they should pay attention to what has been happening around the world where people stood up to take back their country.
She drew reference to Egypt and Libya among others which in recent months have had a wave of violent revolutions toppling governments that had been in place for several years.

“We will no longer take injustice in this country.” Whilst warning that they are not calling for disorder or unruly conduct, “we must exercise our rights in a peaceful manner….indeed our votes have been stolen by this Government….I know you are bleeding.”

It was reported to the gathering that the People’s Progressive Party has complained to the diplomatic community in relation to the response of the election result by the APNU. “We want the diplomatic community to know that we the young people of Guyana want change….we will take to the streets and take our country back if we have to.”

Bond told those gathered that “this is a dawn of a new era.”
He said that the APNU supporters have been called thugs and hooligans but this is a lie.

Bond told the crowd that the persons that referred to the APNU supporters as hooligans and thugs did not expect that the thousands could go to the Guyana Elections Commission earlier in the day in such a peaceful manner.

He urged that the supporters be patient and trust  the leadership of the APNU saying that while he was in the Army the retired Brigadier’s name was “The Dagger”

“The Dagger loves you but you need to trust him….he is not a sell out or a cockroach….He is a general…We have a leader who is competent and able…We aint got no pya pya leader.”

There were several others speakers that took to the podium including one young lady that was employed at the Office of the President under the One Laptop per Family Programme but when she made it known that she was a supporter of APNU she was immediately upbraided by Labour Minister Manzoor Nadir.

Among some of the more radical hard line calls for the evening was the complete shutdown of the country until the objectives are met.

The complaint by the Private Sector Commission that the reaction to the results of the election was hurting business was also met with defiance with persons calling for the business lull to continue until the authorities listen to and act on their demands.

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  • honore the people  On 12/03/2011 at 9:43 pm

    Stop Walking,save ur energies for planning and yes occupy Congress Place where u won’t be baton whipped, pepper sprayed, shot at, water cannoned, accused of hurting businesses when u walk Lamaha Street causing stores to shut in Regent and Camp Street, nor of hooliganism. U must Congregate in ur own space. The Media will b hungry for news and will come to u.

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