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175,011 is a number higher than 166,340 – Freddie Kissoon

175,011 is a number higher than 166,340 – Freddie Kissoon


We don’t know what is going to happen in Guyana as the months and years move on. The opposition-controlled Parliament could topple the Ramotar presidency through a vote of no-confidence, thereby requiring another general election. On the other hand, Mr. Ramotar could carve out a working relationship with the combined opposition of APNU and AFC.

It is difficult to see a major split or even an ongoing dispute between APNU and AFC. I know the players in the smaller AFC very well and I cannot see any formidable chasm separating APNU and the AFC in what they want for Guyana.
It means, therefore, that the combined opposition is going to engage Mr. Ramotar on the contention that more than half of the electorate voted for them and not the PPP, therefore the President should listen to what they have in their list of demands. The figures of the difference in votes are contained in the caption above.   Continue reading

“Everyone’s crying out from peace, no one’s crying out for justice” – OVNN Commentary

“Everyone’s crying out from peace, no one’s crying out for justice”; disenfranchised voters urged not to spend – OVNN Commentary
Georgetown, Guyana: December 2nd, 2011Pull Quote: The election may be over, but returning to “business as usual” is not an option for at least 140,000 disenfranchised voters. The citizens are watching all of the political elites. Will they stand up for justice?..Today Guyana is tense. Donald Ramotar has been declared the winner of the 2011 presidential elections and all the players are living up to the low expectations citizens have of them.

Donald Ramotar, in his first press statement as president elect chose to chastise traditional PPPC supporters who decided to stay home rather than vote for a party which did nothing for them over the past 19 years. He pointed out the loss of a seat in parliament and remonstrated them by inferring that their actions put Indian leadership at risk. Well, what else can you expect from the architect of the PPPC government of the past 19 years?   Continue reading

Save Guyana: History summons its leaders to higher purpose

Save Guyana: History summons its leaders to higher purpose
Published on December 2, 2011
by Sir Ronald Sanders
November 28 general elections in Guyana have resulted in a crisis for the country. While it is being suggested that the elected President, Donald Ramotar, of the Peoples Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) can appoint and run a minority government, it is an unrealistic proposition.
Sir Ronald Sanders is a
business executive and
former Caribbean diplomat
who publishes widely
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Ramotar was elected president by a plurality of the votes but the PPP/C failed to get an overall majority in the National Assembly.

The complex Guyana constitution provides for an electoral system of proportional representation under which the country is divided into 10 regions returning 25 members of the National Assembly and another 40 being allocated nationally on the proportion of votes cast for a party. To control the National Assembly, a party must secure more than 50% of the votes cast.

However, the president in whom executive authority lies, according to the constitution, only requires a plurality of the votes to be elected.    Continue reading

TWEET FOR DEFEAT – By Ewalt (Waltie) Ainsworth


By Ewalt (Waltie) Ainsworth            12-02-2011

Sometimes politicians have to be oh so careful about what they hope and pray for.  Mr. Jagdeo claims he has been rehearsing for this moment to unleash fear and terror; Mr. Ramotar claims that that is not a threat “it is a promise; us or chaos”.  And the people are vulnerable and have been tweeting “defeat” on the street.  Boat gone a falls, it can’t turn back.

A partial inventory of water cannons, vehicles, night vision goggles, mobile hospitals, guns, grenades and night sticks among other things in 29 containers, recently arrived.  President’s College and locations in Wakenaam have been identified as storage dumps and launching grounds have been listed.   Guyanese are taking you at your word and will occupy all streets if necessary so that another man can get a chance.            Continue reading

GECOM Chairman defends delay in announcing election results

GECOM Chairman defends delay in announcing election results

DECEMBER 1, 2011 | BY  |

“I have to make it absolutely clear that GECOM is not and will never be involved, as has been surreptitiously suggested, in any clandestine machinations with any political party, nor do we rig elections. Let that sink into the psyche of the doubt casters.”
Those were the words of Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission, Dr Steve Surujbally, as he defended the delay in releasing the final results of the 2011 National Elections, even describing the lambasting of GECOM as hypocritical.    Continue reading

Ramotar leaves door open for shared governance

2011 Elections…Ramotar leaves door open for shared governance


 …will form Cabinet within days

“I would have liked to have a majority in Parliament but the electorate has spoken and we have to work with what we have.”

By Leonard Gildarie

The People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) has returned to power, with 61-year-oldRussian-trained economist, Donald Ramotar, being declared Guyana’s next Executive President at 16:20hrs yesterday, but they will have to rule under a minority government.
However, the party which has been in continuous power since 1992 is not ruling out reeling in one or both opposition parties to help govern the country.  Continue reading

AFC calls for Govt. of national unity

AFC calls for Govt. of national unity


Expressing relief at the announcement of the elections results, Alliance For Change (AFC) Presidential Candidate Khemraj Ramjattan said yesterday, that he is prepared to work with the various parties in developing the country, since all of the manifestos had commonalities.

Picture:-  AFC Presidential Candidate Khemraj Ramjattan, party leader Raphael Trotman and executive members in discussion minutes before GECOM announced the results for the elections yesterday (December 1, 2011).

“I am happy that we have what we had projected… that it is going to be a balance of power in favour of the AFC which has emerged in the final results,” Ramjattan said at the AFC’s Fourth Street Campbellville headquarters.    Continue reading

Apathy, APNU, AFC caused near defeat of PPP – Persaud

Apathy, APNU, AFC caused near defeat of PPP… Persaud
Written by Denis Scott Chabrol
Thursday, 01 December 2011 21:41

Freedom_HouseFresh from leading Guyana into its first ever minority government, the Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) cited vote-splitting and its supporters’ staying away from Monday’s general elections as reasons for losing its grip on the 65-seat National Assembly.

PPPC spokesman, Robert Persaud declined to even hint at how the country would be governed over the next five years in the absence of a working parliamentary majority.

He said President-elect Donald Ramotar, who would be sworn in by Saturday, would outline the governance mechanisms. Continue reading

Washington Post (AP) Report on Guyana’s Elections

Election officials say Guyana ruling party will lead first minority gov’t since independence

By Associated Press, Updated: Thursday, December 1, 7:45 PM

GEORGETOWN, Guyana — Guyana’s ruling party will head a minority government that will not control the South American country’s parliament, election officials announced Thursday after three days of counting paper ballots.

Chief Elections Officer Gocool Boodhoo announced that the East Indian-dominated People’s Progressive Party led by 61-year-old economist Donald Ramotar won the most seats in Monday’s elections but fell short of an absolute majority.

The result is likely to mean turbulent political times for Guyana since opposition parties could control the 65-seat parliament if they are able to work together.   Read more


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APNU supporters protest outside Parliament Building

APNU supporters protest outside Parliament Building

Angered by defeat and allegations of vote-rigging, supporters of Guyana’s main opposition coalition A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Thursday night thronged outside Parliament Buildings where political leaders were meeting inside.

They pushed down police barriers to express disgust that the incumbent Peoples Progressive Party Civic’s (PPPC) Donald Ramotar was declared winner of Monday’s presidential elections.

Riot police, armed with rifles and teargas canisters did not go into action and there were no immediate reports of anyone arrested.

APNU presidential candidate, David Granger has already charged that there were massive irregularities including broken ballot box seals, inconsistent tallies on statements of poll and multiple voting in some areas of the mainly East Indian-backed PPPC.

Chanting “We want Granger,” “No place for Donald”, and “No school, No work,” they walked, drove and rode from their party headquarters to Parliament Building in the commercial heart of Georgetown.    Read more

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