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Happy New Year – 2012 – with video and webcams

New York City – Times Square – webcams


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SELF SERVICE STATIONS – By Ewalt “Waltie” Ainsworth


By Ewalt “Waltie” Ainsworth        12 29 2011

In the new year, Guyanese motorists must be prepared to pump their own gas at community level locations as more Chinese solar powered  equipment arrive to enhance living standards.

Young people in Guyana, men and women, are reluctant to take certain essential services jobs even though unemployment figures hover around 60 per cent.  Jobs in agriculture, logging, animal husbandry, garbage collection and au-pair services, are also suffering the same repercussions irrespective of the incentives, real and perceived.  Continue reading

OFFICER’S KWANZAA MESS – By Waltie Ainsworth


BY  Ewalt “Waltie” Ainsworth         12 23 2011

A few days short of KWANZAA celebrations in the Diaspora, messed-up Commissioner of the Guyana Police Force, Henry Greene, is demanding that all his outstanding mess-bills be covered and or written off.  Mr. Greene is also demanding an exit package tantamount to and similar to that given to Bharrat Jagdeo.

Mr. Greene, who is a legal luminary and greedy pimpernel, is pointing his finger at Jagdeo and his cohorts for allegedly getting him in “this mess.’  Jagdeo/Roger Khan Inc chauffeured Greene into the top-cop position against the advice and counsel of  US, Canadian and European embassies.    Continue reading

PNP delivers crushing 41-22 seat defeat to JLP

Jamaica’s General Elections 2011:

PNP delivers crushing 41-22 seat defeat to JLP

Posted By Stabroek News On December 30, 2011

(Jamaica Observer) The People’s National Party (PNP) sent the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) back into Opposition after scoring a crushing 41-22-seat victory in yesterday’s 16th general election that pollsters and analysts had said was mostly too close to call.

A sober but triumphant Simpson Miller told jubilant supporters at PNP headquarters last night that she was thankful to the Jamaican people and Prime Minister Andrew Holness who, she said, called and congratulated her earlier. “He was very gracious.”

She urged comrades to greet supporters of the losing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) with love in an obvious extension of the olive branch after what was a vigorous and often bitter campaign. Continue reading

Dayclean Global Nov-Dec 2011

Dayclean Global   Nov-Dec 2011


1. Fifth anniversary of Dayclean Global

2. Transitions

3. WPA Representation In Parliament And Regional Councils In The Partnership (APNU)

4. Images from the APNU campaign

5. Eusi Kwayana: Parties do not remain the same over fifty years

6. David Granger says committed to inquiry into claims of wrongdoing, rigged elections

7. “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil” By Rohit Kanhai

8. Elections outcome could bring national healing, says Kwayana

9. Wazir Mohamed (Indiana University) Video:  From the Margins Of History: To Multiracial Equality In Guyana

10. Global crisis: Transmission channels to Guyana (Clive Thomas)

11. Walter Rodney looms large at UWI

12.Latin America unites in new bloc, US not invited

13. Economic Justice in the USA : A comparison

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“Until the lions tell their tale, the story of the hunt will always glorify the  hunter”  …  African Proverb


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Fix the City of Georgetown now – Editorial

Fix the city now

 Stabroek News On December 29, 2011  Editorial |  Comments

Georgetown has lost its appeal. Time was when it was a well laid out city, boasting concrete drains and canals, tree-lined streets, a demarcated downtown area and charming markets that could lure visitors. Sadly, this is no longer the case.

Citizens born in the early 90s, some of whom have now reached the age of majority, would have grown up surrounded by stagnant and weed-filled drains; uncertain garbage disposal which has worsened over the years; flooding after a mere drizzle; unkempt trees – save for those in Main Street; inept urban planning resulting in a hodge-podge of commercial/residential areas; a disgrace of a cemetery; and stray cattle, horses, donkeys, dogs and other animals causing traffic hazards. This list is by no means exhaustive; parking, pot-holed roads, ramshackle buildings, haphazard street vending are among several other ills that persons now accept as part of the city’s ‘charm’, having grown up with them.

Is it any wonder then, that city residents are afflicted with the litterbug disease? We are all well aware that children learn what they live. It is therefore obvious that the children who grew up in the squalour of the once so-called Garden City have learned that it is okay to have filthy overflowing garbage and litter lined streets and canals. And do not tell them about by-laws; to them these do not exist.    read more

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Capitalism and Loneliness: Why Pornography Is growing

Capitalism and Loneliness: Why Pornography Is a Multibillion-Dollar Industry

Thursday 29 December 2011
by: Harriet Fraad and Tess Fraad Wolff, Truthout | Op-Ed
Massive social changes in the US labor force and in commerce have transformed the economy and powerfully affected personal relationships. Since 1970, we have changed from being a society of people connected in groups of every kind to a society of people who are too often disconnected, detached and alienated from one another.   One is the loneliest number, and in their personal lives, Americans are increasingly alone.

What Has Happened to Us? 

In the 1970s, the American dream of 150 years duration ground to a halt. From 1820 to 1970, every US generation did better than the one that preceded it. In the 1970s, computers began to replace millions of US jobs. International communication systems became so sophisticated that factories could be moved overseas, allowing the livelihoods of more millions of Americans to be outsourced. Continue reading

A Blind Boy – story and moral

A Blind Boy – story and moral

“A blind boy sat on the steps of a building with a hat by his feet.  He held up a sign which said: “I am blind, please help.”  There were only a few coins in the hat.

A man was walking by.  He took a few coins from his pocket and dropped them into the hat.  He then took the sign, turned it around, and wrote some words.  He put the sign back so that everyone who walked by would see the new words. Continue reading

Guyana’s oldest – Ismay Spooner – turns 111

Guyana’s oldest – Ismay Spooner -turns 111

DECEMBER 28, 2011 | BY  |

By Leon Suseran

Two years ago, she was featured in this newspaper on her 109th birth anniversary.  Since then Kaieteur News has placed Mrs. Ismay Spooner, Guyana’s oldest living person, exactly where she deserves to be…on a pinnacle. This much appreciated and treasured senior citizen is truly a gem among us. Her gracing the pages of this newspaper has resulted in many organizations and individuals becoming aware of the existence of this great soul.

Pandit Suresh Sugrim receives a loving hug from 111-year-old Mrs Ismay Spooner

Mrs. Spooner, a resident of Little Africa, Corriverton, Berbice, celebrated her 111th birthday  yesterday and received a special visit from President of the New Jersey Arya Samaj Humanitarian Mission (NJASHM), Pandit Suresh Sugrim and his family. He also took some items for her.   Continue reading



By EWALT AINSWORTH      12 25 2011

This is an unsolicited gaffe from my brethren and country man, Cumfa drummer, anta-banta specialist and solo band leader Jeggae.  Any other performer of his ilk, status and tenacity is a be-spectacled mock.  Early, early in the new year, Jeggae’s new album SAPODILLA SWEETER THAN LORD JESUS will be on the market.  And be assured, it is a tribute to the visible women in his life.  He treats and relishes them all like sapodillas.

In the diaspora, Jeggae is just Jeggae or if you put a handle pon he name, is Iron Jeggae.  Jeggae does not have mister, sir, your honor, comrade or any of those zany salutations.  This note was written on Christmas day as Jeggae ferried the garlic pork, pepperpot and souse to his mom, Lynette.  She was briefly hospitalised and he suspended all commitments, real and perceived, to be her caregiver…. Happy Kwanzaa to the gross man. Continue reading