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Benefits of a Government of National Unity

Benefits of a Government of National Unity

by David Hinds – from DAYCLEAN GLOBAL – September-October 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

With the APNU contesting the upcoming elections on a platform of shared governance and power sharing in the form of a Government of National Unity (GNU), the debate on the merits and demerits of this idea has resurfaced. Despite what the skeptics say, there are at least four clear benefits of a GNU for Guyana.

Perhaps the foremost benefit of a Government of National Unity is its potential for ensuring that no ethnic group dominates the other politically and by extension culturally and economically. In Guyana the executive branch has evolved as the engine of government with the other two branches serving for the most part in a supplementary manner. One can argue with much justification that there has been an executive supremacy that borders on executive tyranny. The party which wins the election gets a majority in the parliament, which then gives it automatic control of the executive branch. This guarantees the governing party enormous power, which in a situation of ethnic polarisation is an unfair advantage that eventually leads to authoritarianism or democratic exclusion. With the built-in parliamentary majority, government bills are guaranteed passage unless there is a revolt among government parliamentarians, which has never occurred in Guyana.  Continue reading

New UG graduates urged to give back to Guyana

New UG graduates urged to give back to Guyana

Demerara Waves – November 12, 2011

Some 1400 persons graduated from the University of Guyana on Saturday with a charge from the acting Chancellor of the Judiciary Carl Singh to find in themselves the patriotism to give back to Guyana.

Justice Singh was presenting the feature address at the university’s 45th Convocation Ceremony held at the Turkeyen campus.

“Guyana has given to you, the time has come for you to give back. It is no secret that our teachers, nurses, engineers and scientists leave our country to offer their talents and skills to other states and I would readily tell you that I am not unaware of the principal motivating factor for this migration.

But I ask what has become of patriotism and loyalty to our country?” Singh queried to some tittering from the graduands.       more

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