HUSH PUPPIES by Ewalt (Waltie) Ainsworth

HUSH PUPPIES             

By EWALT (WALTIE) AINSWORTH                          10 29 2011

These ‘Hush-Puppies’ are not the name brand English calf suede moccasins and shoes.  This is a family d’lite, user friendly, cheap and sweet.   These robust delicacies are deep fried in virgin olive oil or sesame seed oil for flavor and to preserve texture. This is a new model salt fish cake, a signature series cake for the elections, a fund raising cake, a local cake and it has addictive components. (Tek money- buy two). Get yourself some; delay may be dangerous and or demand medical attention.

In North America at the fund raising events, things seemed to be lagging but with cod’s richest blessings, hush puppies became a game changer.  Hush puppies are a derivative from cod and a direct descendant of fish cake except it is a bit smaller and more nutritious.  It lifts the spirit  and energises the party.  

The parties were struggling and ten used to be a crowd; twenty a traffic jam.  The momentum is picking up and the common denominator is hush puppies.   Supporters of the two major opposition parties, namely AFC and APNU, are doing more business in the arena of social networks but the town hall style meetings and debates, are more therapeutic.  One comrade observed “you cannot get it in bake and cake; that is why we selling hush puppy.”

The hush puppy, as I understand it, is made from corn meal and sifted wheat flour. Essence, cherries, almond nuts, sweet carambola, figs and spices can be added liberally.   To others it tastes like an elongated Dunkin donut while to some others the hush puppy tastes like a Jamaican ‘festival’ cake.  Guyanese types describe  the hush puppy as a bake “but we don’t make it  so sweet; sometimes we does put salt fish, onions, egg and so, milk and thing and make it rich.”  Some caterers make a diabetic version before deep frying it.  It makes a great cutter in delicate times like these…election time.

This election season is also bringing out a different level of cooperation between and among citizens who are encouraging their relatives back in the yard “to vote for any other party except “this one” (referring to the PPP).  Guyanese overseas used to be hush about their future plans but these days, the diehards and patriotic types, are ready to reverse course and reclaim their ancestral and accustomed communities.  They want to showcase their technology skills, psychological adjustments and basically impart what they have learned.  In North America, everything has a shelf life.  Guyanese are also part of the global movement to repatriate.  They are looking for encore activities and professions.  They cannot wait for the PPP to “vacate.”

Sometimes people’s diet can tell volumes of their political alliance and or party they are supporting.  Social events engineered by the PPP are hush, hush and very often closed door.  Members only: DNA checks and visa cards.  Participants also have to show two pieces of ID take off their shoes and skin something before being admitted.  Everything is hush hush.

For all other groups, New York is SYBILS and in New Jersey, it is SOLOMON’s citadel in East Orange.  Comrades come as they like and leave motivated.     Comrades also come with their own brown bags will cook and eat, plan and strategise and make things happen, while slurping hush puppies.

The countdown has begun; make your own hush puppy and chase with some loud mauby this weekend and every weekend.  Change is coming.

The Author: Ewalt (Waltie) Ainsworth

This article/story is one of many on this site that has been written by Guyana-born Ewalt (Waltie) Ainsworth.  He left Guyana in the early 1980′sand now lives in New Jersey. He is now almost totally blind but this impediment has not stopped his academic studies or his ability to craft his interesting and sometimes amusing stories about Guyana, the USA, and life.  E-mail:

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