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Aviator extraordinaire, Michael Charles, MS, is a ‘Special Person’

Aviator extraordinaire, Michael Charles, MS, is a ‘Special Person’

Kaieteur News Feature – November 6, 2011     By Sharmain Grainger

Pull Quote: “For me the most interesting mission is when I have to rescue somebody…when I see that I have helped to save a life that is what really matters, not the VIPs I have flown around…once I know that a person I rescued is okay, I could sleep with some degree of joy…especially if it is a child, man I’ll go through hell, brimstone or high water, anything to help… I usually get into a different mode when it comes to search and rescue!”    …………

………   His name over the years has become synonymous with expert pilot, dedicated military officer and more recently he has become known for his exquisite flare for photographically capturing the bio-diversity of the hinterland.

At just 49 years of age he has done more intriguing and challenging things than the average man, seen more scenic views than most and has a burgeoning appetite to do so much more in the near future. His dedicated service to this country over the years saw him being bestowed with a Medal of Service last month at the 2011 investiture ceremony for his contribution to Military Aviation and for showcasing Guyana to the world through video and photography.

  Read complete story here Aviator extraordinaire – Michael Charles, MS

Jagdeo blows fuse at PPP/C Whim Rally

Jagdeo blows fuse at PPP/C Whim Rally

November 9, 2011 –  Kaieteur News

“Hughes is a racist; Bissessar collected garbage at OP; Badal tried to steal a company; Ramayya a quack doctor; Singh fired 5 times; Nagamootoo an egotist.”

By Leon Suseran

President Bharrat Jagdeo threw verbal blows left, right and centre at his political opponents as well as sections of the media as supporters in their hundreds gathered last evening at the Whim Road on the Corentyne for the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C)’s Grand Public Meeting.
Moses Nagamootoo, Khemraj Ramjattan, Dr Veerasammy Ramayya, Sasenarine Singh, Robert Badal, David Granger, Raphael Trotman, Rajendra Bisessar, the “hostile Berbice media”, Kaieteur News, Stabroek News, and Nigel Hughes — very few were spared the furious oral assault as the responsive crowd with their party hats, t-shirts, flags and photographs of the PPP leaders, clapped, roared and cheered their party.
President Jagdeo boasted about the distribution of the first set of laptops from the One Laptop Per Family (OLPF) project and told the crowd that “half of those receiving [the laptops] would probably be people from Whim and sugar workers too”. He said 57,000 families will receive computers by the end of 2011.   more

HUSH PUPPIES by Ewalt (Waltie) Ainsworth

HUSH PUPPIES             

By EWALT (WALTIE) AINSWORTH                          10 29 2011

These ‘Hush-Puppies’ are not the name brand English calf suede moccasins and shoes.  This is a family d’lite, user friendly, cheap and sweet.   These robust delicacies are deep fried in virgin olive oil or sesame seed oil for flavor and to preserve texture. This is a new model salt fish cake, a signature series cake for the elections, a fund raising cake, a local cake and it has addictive components. (Tek money- buy two). Get yourself some; delay may be dangerous and or demand medical attention.

In North America at the fund raising events, things seemed to be lagging but with cod’s richest blessings, hush puppies became a game changer.  Hush puppies are a derivative from cod and a direct descendant of fish cake except it is a bit smaller and more nutritious.  It lifts the spirit  and energises the party.   Continue reading

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