From the Diaspora…Is Jagdeo hurting the PPP?

From the Diaspora…Is Jagdeo hurting the PPP?


By Ralph Seeram

I guess nobody wants to say it, at least from the PPP camp, but Bharrat needs to step back and Donald will have to step up. The President is not helping; in fact I think he is turning off the swing voters. Yes I am going to say it Jagdeo is hurting the PPP campaign. I was very serious last week when I suggested the President tone it down. He needs to stop the “cussing” and “byuseing” and put emphasis on the PPP track record. I am sure he can find enough positives of his achievements to last the rest of the campaign.

Sure you’re supposed to ridicule and disparage your opponents in an election campaign; that is what election is all about, but there must be a strategy to it, if Bharrat has a strategy in his rhetoric, with all due respects to him, I think he is hurting Donald. I take it personal when he calls the media” vultures and carrion crows” In an election you need the media; you should make the media your best friend.    more

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