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Why India Works – by Shekhar Kapoor

Why India Works – by Shekhar Kapoor

 WHY INDIA WORKS – written by internationally acclaimed film director Shekhar Kapoor.
A small fading sign saying “Cellphoon reapars” barely visible through the street vendors crowding the Juhu Market in Mumbai.

On my way to buy a new Blackberry, my innate sense of adventure made me stop my car and investigate.  A shop not more than 6 feet by 6 feet.  Grimy and un-cleaned.

“Can you fix a Blackberry?”

Of course, show me.

“How old are you?”

Sixteen”.  Bullshit.  He was no more than 10.

Not handing my precious Blackberry to a 10 year old in unwashed and torn T shirt and pajamas!

At least if I buy a new one, they would extract the data for me.  Something I have been meaning to do for a year now.

What’s wrong with it?”

“Well, the roller track ball does not respond.  It’s kind of stuck and I cannot operate it”

He grabs it from my hand and looks at it

“You should wash your hands.  Many customers have same problem.  Roller ball gets greasy and dirty, then no working”.            Continue reading