Guyanese Online – Recent Posts – October 10-20, 2011

Recent Weblog Posts – October 10-20, 2011

Thirty posts that have been added to our blog/website in these 10 days

  1. Hindu Americans Applaud Senators for Recognizing Diwali
  2. Egg and Spoon Derby – by Ewalt (Waltie) Ainsworth
  3. ACP honors Dr. Aubrey Morrison
  4. Roopnaraine is APNU’s prime ministerial candidate
  5. Samuel Hinds is PPP/C prime ministerial candidate
  6. Publishers: Amazon intends to eat your lunch
  7. Phones: It is Apple & Google vs. the old way
  8. Govt. accused of ‘vicious political assault on UG’
  9. Defectors pose no threat to APNU – Granger
  10. Calypso Cricket video … Sobers, Worrell, Richards etc  
  11. Steve Jobs on “Death”
  12. Message to Humanity – The Time is now … videos
  13. The Wall Street Protests
  14. X Factor – Melanie Amaro
  15. TEN-A-SINGH by Ewalt (Waltie) Ainsworth
  16. The Causes of Guyana’s Problems – by Patrick Barker
  17. Ten Years ago we had …..
  18. Photo album of old Trinidad postcards
  19. Inside Story: Rage on Wall Street – videos
  20. Finally Making Sense on Wall Street
  22. Damon – Freedom fighter – hanged October 13, 1834
  23. Playlist – Dave Martins and The Tradewinds – Videos
  24. THE TRADEWINDS – led by Dave Martins
  25. Ramotar pledges to work with opposition if elected
  26. PPP/C campaign to cost six times more than APNU’s
  27. PPP’s media attacks draw press body’s ire
  28. Guyana’s oldest man dies at 111
  29. Jagdeo shifts Sharma TV ban to after elections
  30. Nov 28 is Guyana’s Election Day
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