Fraud in the Yard – By Ewalt (Waltie) Ainsworth


By Ewalt (Waltie) Ainsworth        10 08 2011

Today’s advisory, if and when travelling to Guyana is to “seek ye first an Indian and everything else will be added unto you.”  And on the return and upward trip back to North America, the book of Matthew reveals “seek ye first a fraudulent visa card and all things will be added unto you.”  On the airline, in the airport, taxi or minivan, the promotional tapes and tickets are there pushing you to sign up and gain instant credit.  There is no secret what can be done for the new arrival once he or she can sign his or her name.

The GT fleet in Queens and Long Island and such places where “success” is on display, comprise of Lexus, Avalon, Infiniti and infinitum.  The list is endless but the ride is supreme.

Guyanese and fraud; fraud and Guyanese have become hand in glove items.  In ‘592’ parlance, it is like ‘battie and posey’. They are synonymous.  

The daily broad sheets, the news broadcasts, the podcasts, the sleek and slim television sets in the boroughs of Queens, Long Island, Bronx, Staten Island and Harlem. All have segments, blocs and columns designated for coverage of fraud from the yard.

Leadership is much more than being elected.  There has to be a cumulative will, mindset and goal to do more with less.  The material things destroy.  They come with a shelf life and the more you buy, the more you are bought and there is no exchange place or flea market that will take the blood off the hands.  It is worse than a disease and this quest to get more, makes us all vulnerable and victims.

Just this week, a young six year old child told her grandmother “this is the last time I am wearing this shoe; stop shoplifting granny you are embarrassing us.”

Earlier this year, this writer visited the Thomas Jefferson library in Philadelphia (10th and Walnut streets) and there was this fine Indian young lady.  As a practicing Christian, I had to make myself known and felt.  She said she was from Trinidad but her good friend, was Guyanese.  Fortunately, I knew her dad, an Eversley, from the East Coast.  The long and short of the matter, she questioned my authenticity as a “Guyanese.  She demanded that I show her my gold.  My knowledge of her ancestry, broughtupsy and community was a poor substitute for my ethnicity.

The international face for Guyana is not of patriotism, morality, equity or equality.  It is much ado about the ability to defraud, deceive and betray.  Morality is an obsolete currency.

A girl friend reported a few short days ago that she was reassigned to a new floor in a hospital.  The first day when she reported to her nursing supervisor, they questioned why she did not have “extra luggage and bags.”  Apparently the other nurses and staff are predominantly Indo Guyanese and each day, at the end of each shift, every living item, is removed illegally.  At the end of the client’s stay, the bill has to be upgraded by a minimum of 30 per cent to offset the costs of fraud.  The same costs are added at the food stores, malls and restaurants.

The hospitals and nursing homes in Guyana do not accept donations from friends and visitors anymore.  The source and origin of these gifts and replacements can never be authenticated and or corroborated.

Last true story.  Mr. Neal Marcus, is both a medical doctor and a computer specialist responsible for upgrading medical equipment in North America.  Recently, he travelled to the yard and got permission to bring in some sophisticated medical equipment for dialysis, heart, MRI, dentist chairs et al.  He was also able to procure some vehicles and one of the local executives demanded a LAND CRUISER with a COWCATCHER (brush-bar and grill).  He obliged but unfortunately, was not informed and could not be in Guyana when the equipment arrived.  Two weeks later when he came, all the contracts and promises were broken.  He never saw a piece of the equipment valued more than three million US dollars.

The people of New Amsterdam, Suddie, Bartica and  Lethem among others, have been defrauded and there is nothing anybody is prepared to do about it.  Marcus is currently hoarding some more equipment and this time, he has gotten the hospital corporation in the US to underwrite the transshipment.  Some day in January the containers will arrive, fraud or no fraud.


Ewalt (Waltie) Ainsworth

Editor’s Note:   This article/story is one of many on this site that has been written by Guyana-born Ewalt (Waltie) Ainsworth.  He left Guyana in the early 1980′s and now lives in New Jersey. He is now almost totally blind but this impediment has not stopped his academic studies or his ability to craft his interesting and sometimes amusing stories about Guyana, the USA, and life.  E-mail:

Waltie is now setting up his own blog where he will publish his stories almost on a daily basis..  More later!  We wish him all the best!!!

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  • Rosaliene Bacchus  On October 10, 2011 at 4:31 pm

    It is so tragic when we sell our integrity for material things.

  • Monah  On October 15, 2011 at 4:26 am

    Waltie, this is unbelievable, quite a shame.

  • OBSERVER  On October 18, 2011 at 6:09 pm

    There are many more similar stories from ‘the yard’. There are also many different stories form ‘the garden’…that is, Guyana before ‘the snake’ caused the eviction of Adan and Eve.

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