The First People of Suriname – video

Indigenous Peoples:    The problems faced by Indigenous peoples around the world are well documented.  The indigenous peoples of Suriname, like their relatives in Guyana, have had to deal with the problem of encroachment of aboriginal lands by their governments, especially since independence from the colonial powers.  This video highlights the Suriname experience, but many of the same issues in Suriname are also present in Guyana.

The First People of Suriname – video

In the face of global development, Indigenous people in Suriname speak out about human rights. This was created for the Organization of Indigenous People in Suriname and taken to the United Nations Permanent Forum of Indigenous Issues (UNPFII), April 2008.

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  • Farhaud Amin  On 10/09/2011 at 12:54 am

    If we want to advance our self as people, as a nation, we must first look and see where we come from, if we don’t do this some day may our turn,

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