Guyana Cultural Association of New York – September 2011 Newsletter

Guyana Cultural Association of New York – September 2011 Newsletter

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Letter from the Editor –Tangerine Clarke

It is with deep gratitude that we say thanks, to you our supporters, sponsors and performers.

The board of the Guyana Cultural Association successfully planned, and accomplished an impressive 10th Anniversary Celebration of our cultural heritage.

Our journey began with many firsts. In June 2011, during Caribbean Heritage Month, literary lovers had an opportunity to bond with authors during a relaxed, one on one interview format.   

Thanks to the Diocese of St. John Episcopal Church that welcomed us into their beautiful gardens. GCA also collaborated with the Brooklyn Art Council and St. Stephens Church, to bring a Moonlight Story Telling night to the community.

This was a welcome treat to an audience that had never before experienced storytelling away from the stage.

A Mother’s Day Awards celebration followed, with a May 8, presentation that paid tribute to ten outstanding elders during an evening of inspiring poetry, dance and drama. The audience that packed St. Stephens Church Auditorium expressed how overjoyed they were at this event and expressed their desire to attend next year.

Our signature Awards Ceremony at Brooklyn Borough Hall, a Kwe Kwe Ceremony, Symposium, and Family Fun Day, were all well attended and enjoyed by the throngs of patrons who voiced how outstanding the season was.

As the Performing Arts Theater gets ready to hit the stage of Meyer Levin Performing Arts Auditorium to bring our celebrations to a close, we could say without hesitation that our 10th Anniversary has been nothing short than memorable.

This is a fitting example of the hard work and dedication that went into the planning of the biggest cultural event outside of Guyana.

We appreciate all who came out to have a good time, and invite you to join us on Facebook and follow us as we begin all over again to bring you another rousing season in 2012.

 Tangerine Clarke – September 2011.
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