Recap of the ‘evidence’ – by the Kissoon defense team

Recap of the ‘evidence’ – by the Kissoon defense team in the Jagdeo vs Kissoon Libel Case

Here is a recap of the ‘evidence’ presented so far by the Kissoon defense team in the libel case brought by President Bharrat Jagan against Frederick Kissoon, a columnist at Kaieteur News.

President Jagdeo claims that the accusations of discrimination by him and his government against Afro-Guyanese were incorrect and libelous. The defense submitted a UNHR Report by Gay McDougall as an analysis that backed up Kissoon’s claims. They also listed a number of “facts” – (see list below). 

At the trial they noted that in the 2002 Census the population breakdown was as follows: East Indian: 43.45%; African 30.20%; Mixed 16.73%; Amerindian 9.18% Other 0.44%.

The Census data reports that the East Indian population percentages  have declined from 51.93% in the 1980 Census to 48.63% in the 1991 Census to their 43.45% in 2002. It is expected that the 2012 census would reflect further declines due mostly to emigration.  In that same period, African percentages have been stable (30-32%); the Mixed population grew from 11.16% to 16.73% and Amerindians almost doubled from 5.3% to 9.12%.

The defense  has presented the population statistics and the following “facts” as proof of the systemic discrimination against Afro-Guyanese and others. 

1. Heads of over 30 State Agencies are Indo-Guyanese.
2. All overseas based Ambassadors are Indo-Guyanese.
3. Recipients of major Government contracts are majority Indo-Guyanese.
4. Allocations of industrial and agricultural in key areas all given to
5. Major Government investments are made in sectors (i.e. sugar) dominated by Indo-Guyanese as opposed to sectors benefiting Afro-Guyanese workers (i.e. Bauxite).
6. Position of Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), given to Indo-Guyanese (twice) over Afro-Guyanese who were qualified, experienced and Acting DPPs.
7. Refusal to allow a predominately Afro-Guyanese community (Linden) access to an alternative radio and TV stations other than the State run NCN station.
8. Cessation of Government aid to the Critchlow Labour College which provides skills training to predominately Afro-Guyanese youth
9. Duplicity in encouraging different views of Guyanese history: To an Indo-Guyanese committee a Babu John – do not forget the ancient past with its ‘bloodshed’; To an Afro-Guyanese committee at Buxton – forget the recent past with its bloodshed.
10. Composition of all major Board of Directors for State Agencies are predominately Indo-Guyanese.
11. Position of GECOM Chairman always given to Indo-Guyanese
12. All 22 of the top positions at the Guyana Public Hospital Corp (GPHC) are filled by Indo-Guyanese.

The defense argues that in all honesty, what should any fair-minded Guyanese think?

Guyanese all – YOU are the judge!!!

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  • Chandra Singh  On 09/08/2011 at 3:28 am

    It is funny how the table has turned …none of these stats were ever mentioned when previous governments ruled.No one clamored no one dared.Even now,how about the police and army? From my view minorities have progressed much under this govt than any previous.

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