Ray Luck – World-renowned Concert Pianist

Ray Luck – World-renowned Concert Pianist

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  • gem williams  On 09/13/2011 at 3:09 am

    Thank you,

    For sending this info about Ray Luck. I also attended Smith Church Congregational
    School along with my siblings, somewhere in the 50’s, but I think Ray was a bit before
    my time. I remember Ray playing the violin, at music exams which were conducted
    at the YMCA on Croal Street Georgetown .At that time I also did music exams in
    piano. I often wondered what had become of Ray.Thanks for this info.Please
    inform me if and when Ray will be performing in Toronto Canada.

    Another thing I will like to make mention of is that in those days our examiners
    came from London England – Trinity college of music etc. When the exams were
    completed the results were later mailed to us along with our certificates, all of which
    I have in a large brown envelope. The certificates were for both practical and
    theoretical. During my 44 years in Toronto Canada I raised 3 children, each of
    whom have studied music at some time. This included the piano , voice, and the
    Steel Pan. They have moved on since then . My husband is a jazz fanatic.

    Anyway thank you again.
    My name is Gem Matthews/Williams

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