Mayor Hazel McCallion of Mississauga Ontario Canada

Out and about in the City of Mississauga with Mayor Hazel McCallion

Mississauga is located on the western border of Toronto, Ontario Canada. Formed in 1974, Mississauga is now recognized as Canada’s 6th largest and fastest growing major city with a population of 729,000 residents representing cultures from around the world.

Mayor Hazel McCallion has been the only Mayor of Mississauga since it was established in 1974.   She has been re-elected 11 times.  Her approval rating is usually about 80-90%.  This video was filmed in 2009 when she was 88 years old….   she is now 90 and going strong

Mississauga is DEBT FREE!!!!!!   With $700M  in reserves. Amazing!!

Her motto as Mayor since first elected was NO BORROWING.  The city had to live within its means and be run efficiently. She also supported low taxation and encouraged business investment with attractive investment packages.  They had a master plan for development and it is being executed.

Mississauga Is A Corporate Capital
With close to 55,000 registered businesses employing more than 425,000, Mississauga is home to 61 Fortune 500 Canadian or major divisional head offices and 50 Fortune Global 500 Canadian headquarters.

Mississauga Is Safe
Recognized as the safest city in Canada 8 years in a row.  Mississauga offers family-oriented sports, leisure & arts facilities with 11 community centres and a vibrant downtown city centre with major retail, office, entertainment and condo living.

Mayor McCallion is an example to all of us thinking about “retirement”.  An action person who makes decisions and gets things done.  She also demonstrates how to manage a large city effectively and efficiently.  Many governments and cities could learn lessons from her.

More on Mississauga here:

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