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UN Minorities report accepted as evidence in Jagdeo-Kissoon libel case

UN Minorities report accepted as evidence in Jagdeo-Kissoon libel case |
Written by Denis Scott Chabrol –  Demerara Waves
Tuesday, 30 August 2011 17:39

    Dr. Luncheon leaving the High Court recently. >>>>

A High Court judge on Tuesday admitted into evidence a copy of a United Nations report on the status of minorities in Guyana that was rejected by the Guyana government.

The report, painting a poor condition of African Guyanese, was tendered by the defence in a libel case brought by President Bharrat Jagdeo against Kaieteur News newspaper columnist, Freddie Kissoon, newspaper editor, Adam Harris and publisher, Glen Lall.

Jagdeo believes that he was libeled by Kissoon characterizing him as an ideological racist in a June 28, 2010 article titled ‘King Kong sent his goons to disrupt the Conference’. Kissoon was alluding to the near-break up of the annual historical conference at the National Library by persons who had heckled pro-government sentiments when he was about to deliver his presentation.  Continue reading

GuySuCo – Incompetence at Skeldon factory – Commentary

It must have hurt the Minister of Agriculture a great deal to have to admit the incompetence at Skeldon  
Written by realTalk   – Demerara Waves
Sunday, 28 August 2011
Last week, the Honorable Minister of Agriculture revealed to Guyana that GuySuCo does not possess the competence to run the US$100M Skeldon Sugar Factory. He went on to encourage its Board of Directors to hasten the consideration of the proposals currently on the table by companies from China and India to take over the management of the failing factory.To make this admission had to be a really hard and painful decision for Minister Persaud in the face of all the propaganda and hype that the government generated around this factory that was to be the saviour of the Guyana sugar industry. After Booker Tate, the global leader in the provision of development, management and technical services to the world of sugar, ethanol, bio-energy and other agribusiness projects, had been unceremoniously dismissed by the Government, it seems rather strange that more foreign management is being sought once again for the troubled factory.        Continue reading
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