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Guyana Christian Charities Canada Dance – Sept 24, 2011

Guyana heading for narco-statehood – Wikileaks

Guyana heading for narco-statehood; govt lukewarm about drug trade– Wikileaks ||
Written by Demerara Waves
Saturday, 27 August 2011 13:47
The United States (US) badly wants a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) office in Guyana because the South American country is approaching narco-statehood, already resulting in drug seeping into almost all layers of the society.“Post requests the formal establishment of a DEA office at Embassy Georgetown. Guyana is well on its way to narco-statehood — a prospect that poses a real threat to U.S. interests,” said then American ambassador, Roland Bullen. Continue reading

Trinidad Curfew – Video Commentary by Rachel Price

Trinidad Curfew –  Video Commentary by Rachel Price 

Introduction:  Here is another view of the crime situation in Trinidad and the imposition of the curfew for 15 days.  The  commentator- Rachel Price believes that it would not solve the underlying problems of corruption, especially in the police force, and will not be a lasting solution.  Pardon the spicy language in some parts …

Video  by Rachel Price

On August 22nd 2011 the Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago imposed a Limited State of Emergency in an effort to deal with the crime situation, these are my views on the issue  – Rachel Price

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