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FBI indicts President Jagdeo’s friend – Ed Ahmad

FBI indicts President Jagdeo’s friend- Ed Ahmad  
Written by Demerara Waves
Friday, 19 August 2011 17:04
ed-ahmadA federal grand jury in Brooklyn has returned an indictment charging the defendant Edul Ahmad with participating in a mortgage fraud scheme in which he and others fraudulently obtained more than $50 million in loans, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said Friday August 19, 2011..

President Bharrat Jagdeo has acknowledged being Ahmad’s friend for several years now. And Presidential candidate for the Alliance For Change (AFC), Khemraj has publicly admitted introducing Ahmad to the governing Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) several years ago. Both local politicians have basically said that if he has committed a crime he must face the law. The PPP has publicly denied that Ahmad has not helped to finance the 2011 general election campaign.

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“Rip Off Britain” – a society in shambles – letter

Letter to the Editor – Guyanese Online

from Philip Pooran U.K.

I have read with interest all the articles and comments on the English riots. I particularly love the comments made by the politicians about the riots and how it was all done by criminals.

The truth of the matter is we must step back and take a look at events over the past two years in the UK. We have had Members of Parliament stealing from the public purse, most of them thought that they would be allowed to repay the money that was claimed falsely and all’s well. I wonder if they would go along with the rioters and looters returning the stolen merchandise and all would be forgiven? Not very likely, I say! Continue reading


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August 2011

Aug. 19 Saint Croix Sunset Jazz in Frederiksted

Aug. 19 – 20 Saint Thomas COPE Caribbean Conference for Business Superstars – Women Helping Women

Aug. 19 – 21 Caribbean One Love Festival 2011 – London, England

Aug. 19 – 21 Caribbean Reggae for Climate Protection 2011: Roots, Rock, Reggae pon de Mountaintop – Mohawk, NY, U.S.A.

Aug. 19 – 21 Puerto Rico 14 Clásico de Ciclismo Internacional Coquí Dorado 2011

Aug. 21 Caribbean 25th Annual Philadelphia Caribbean Festival 2011 – U.S.A.

Aug. 21 Curacao Violiste Virginie Robilliard In La Belle Alliance

Aug. 25 Curacao Dokumental “Doble R su Mundu ta Lora”- The Movies

Aug. 25 Puerto Rico 2011 BNP Paribas Taste of Tennis

Aug. 25 – 27 Bermuda 2011 Bermuda Gospel Festival    Continue reading

Keep an eye on Suriname – letter

Keep an eye on Suriname – letter

AUGUST 18, 2011 | BY  |  LETTER from Ray Chickrie

Dear Editor,

Former military leader, and now democratically elected President of Suriname, Desi Bouterse, is keen to put a positive international spotlight on his country.  That is the case so far.

Just a week ago, Fitch upgraded the sovereign foreign currency credit rating for Suriname one notch to B-plus, citing a stronger credit position and improvements in its balance of payments.

The rating outlook was revised to stable from positive. Suriname is moving ahead in its quest to develop its economy without the help of Holland, its former colonial master.    Continue reading

Revamping the education system

Revamping the education system

AUGUST 18, 2011 | BY  |  EDITORIAL

Countries improve because the people try to improve themselves. This leads to all-round development to the extent that one sees inventions, discoveries and even modifications that enhance what already existed.

For example, there was the windscreen wiper but that has been modified so often that today people cannot even remember what the first wipers were like. The bottom line is that they all serve the function for which they were invented. Cars are far different from what they were when they first made their appearance.

Up until a few decades the crank was an integral part of the accessories for cars and lorries. The crank has disappeared. No individual under 30 years old can say what a crank looked like. Other examples are the computer and the camera. Continue reading

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