‘Black Clothes’ police running drug blocks

‘Black Clothes’ police running drug blocks

– Assistant Commissioner Steve Merai tells fiery admin meeting  
 AUGUST 17, 2011 |  KaieteurNews | see comments here

By Dale Andrews

More damning revelations at a fiery senior police administrative meeting are emerging, with Crime Chief Seelall Persaud and his sleuths from the Criminal Investigations Department working overtime to establish the credibility of allegations made.

This newspaper was further informed that revelations of police ranks operating personal drug blocks were made by Assistant Commissioner Steve Merai, prompting Commissioner of Police Henry Greene to order the investigation.
According to a usually reliable source, Merai during his verbal exchanges with the Commissioner, revealed that certain elements of the Tactical Services Unit (TSU), namely the ‘Black Clothes’ anti-crime squads are linked to certain drug blocks in the city and its environs.    

The Assistant Commissioner, who is currently the Commander of the Force’s Berbice (B) Division, explained to the Commissioner that he was in receipt of information that some of the squads are engaged in busting certain drug dealers and using the proceeds to enrich drug blocks that they are in association with.
Kaieteur News understands that he provided the meeting with the names of two TSU ranks who are involved in this practice. He however refused to provide further details to the Crime Chief, claiming that the evidence was right in front of his eyes. He said that the force has within its midst “a pack of thieves” and called on the commissioner to do something about it.

                     Assistant Commissioner Steve Merai  >

The recent allegations of the involvement of police officers and ranks in the drug trade have rocked the Force, since it shows the extent of corruption within the organization.
It has also led to Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee expressing his concern.
“I think that in any part of the world where allegations of a similar nature are raised, the political person that is responsible would be concerned. It is not something that we take lightly,” Rohee told media representatives on Monday.

Only recently, even Commissioner Greene had cause to remark angrily that some members of the anti-crime units were more interested in other things than fighting crime. Greene had pointed to the fact some ranks were merely on the streets to target a specific group of persons – namely Brazilians.

He had also warned the anti-crime units against performing traffic duties.
During the admin meeting, Assistant Commissioner Merai identified five ranks who he claimed had benefitted significantly from illegal activities under the cover of the organisation’s uniform.

According to the source, Merai explained at the meeting that the TSU patrol units operate in designated sections of the city where they provide protection for certain drug blocks that operate with impunity.

This newspaper was told that the Assistant Commissioner pointed out that many persons who are affected by these operatives are afraid to come forward out of fear for their lives.

“Merai also questioned how some of these ranks could afford to spend nights at Georgetown’s expensive hotels. He asked the Commissioner who is paying for this,” the source said.

Mention was also made of certain civilian elements who are allowed to enter the police headquarters compound without the usual security scrutiny.
These, Merai reportedly stated, are persons associated with certain officers who fall under the present investigations.

Kaieteur News understands that Commissioner Greene has since placed a restriction on many of the persons who Merai named, from entering the Eve Leary compound.

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