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REDjet eyes Antigua and Brazil – Fuel cost a problem

Jet fuel in Guyana too expensive; REDjet eyes Antigua, Brazil
Written by Denis Scott Chabrol   -Demerara Waves
Tuesday, 16 August 2011 10:12

Even as REDjet battles high jet fuel prices in Guyana, the Caribbean low-fare airline plans to fly direct to Antigua and Barbuda and Brazil, a senior airline official said.

“The limiting factor for us is that we are prepared to keep investing in Guyana but fuel prices is a major issue here… Guyana is one of the most expensive places in the Caribbean to purchase fuel which makes flights more expensive,” REDjet’s Business Development Manager and co-founder, Robbie Burns told Demerara Waves Online News (www.demwaves.com ).

The airline plans to take advantage of the large populations of Brazilians in Guyana and Guyanese in Antigua and Barbuda to make those routes profitable.   Continue reading

Where are the billions? – letter by “Joey” Jagan

Dear Editor,

In Guyana, when those in charge of our economy talk in monetary terms, they talk in millions and billions of dollars which are spent to run our dear country. The 2011 Budget allocations add up to a whopping $162 Billion Guyana dollars which is really $162,000 Million and let me spell it out in plain terms- one hundred and sixty-two thousand million dollars!!

When one talks about a billion, one has to take this figure into perspective and then realize how politicians like to have the levers of spending our money which we , the citizens work extremely hard for to provide for our families.

Continue reading

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