Last Lap Lime 2011 – QC Alumni Toronto

Victor Moses and "Dodie" Singh putting up the QC Alumni sign

This is a slide show featuring various aspects of the Last Lap Lime. These pictures were taken by Colin Rowe for the QC Alumni Toronto, and were submitted to Guyanese Online for distribution by Clyde Duncan.     

The first pictures in the slide presentation show Major General (retd) Joe Singh (in brown plaid shirt), with various persons.  In DSC1147 and DSC1148, Major General Joe Singh is pictured with Clyde Duncan, President of the British Columbia Guyanese Association (in red shirt), with QC alumnus McDonald Enmore (in white shirt).

Please click the following link to view the slideshow.

Last Lap Lime 2011 – < click to view thumbnails of photos

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  • Clyde Duncan  On 08/14/2011 at 1:39 am

    Colin Rowe, my classmate at Central High, was my escort at the Lime. I was just a never-see come-fa-see. I must give special mention to Marc Trinidad, he is a comedian and a giant, in my opinion. He generated a belly full of laughs about our CARICOM community – no one was spared. We split around 17:00 hours before the fast crowd showed up. It looks like they were getting down in the evening, past my bedtime. Highly recommend you check this function out. -Clyde

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