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PPP’s postpones congress to campaign; Nagamootoo dismisses reason

by Scott Chabrol – Demerara Waves – August 10, 2011

The Peoples Progressive Party’s postponement of its 30th party congress to make way for election campaigning has been rubbished by Central Committee member, Moses Nagamootoo as a move aimed at preventing the Donald Ramotar presidential candidacy from being challenged.

But Ramotar, in a very preliminary reaction, said he had no time to waste on that. “It seems to me like utter nonsense,” he told Demerara Waves Online News ( www.demwaves.com ).

The PPP’s Central Committee– the second highest decision-making body in between congresses— decided to push back the congress after general and regional elections constitutionally due by December 28, 2011. The last Congress was held in 2008 at the Diamond Secondary School.

“The Central Committee agreed to postpone the holding of the party’s 30th Congress which was constitutionally due this year in order to focus its full attention on the upcoming elections,” the PPP said in a statement.

The PPP’s congress was last held at Diamond in August 2008 and should have been constitutionally held by December.


Nagamootoo, who stayed away from last Saturday’s Central Committee meeting because “I’ve lost all confidence in that body”, reasoned that if the PPP had held its congress  before the general election, the presidential candidacy could have been questioned by rank-and-file party members.

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Britain Debating Cause Of Its Worst Unrest In Years

Britain Debating Cause Of Its Worst Unrest In Year

By Portia Walker – McClatchy News Report – Published 10 August 2011

“London’s former mayor, Ken Livingstone, blamed the turmoil on the economic challenges young people face and the disenfranchisement many feel.”
Tottemham protesters demonstraing against the police killing of Mark Duggan

Last Thursday night, in circumstances that remain unclear, police shot dead Mark Duggan, a 29-year-old black man. The next day, a group of 200 protesters gathered outside the police station in London’s Tottenham district, demanding an explanation. In the hours that followed, the peaceful protest somehow disintegrated.

Four days later, after rioting and looting spread first to other poor suburbs but then reached wealthier areas Monday in the worst civil unrest Britain has seen in years, Britons were undertaking a national debate over the pervasive poverty and unemployment that many think have fed the disturbances and what role the country’s austerity drive has played in making matters worse.

London’s former mayor, Ken Livingstone, blamed the turmoil on the economic challenges young people face and the disenfranchisement many feel.    Continue reading

Nothing ‘mindless’ about Rioters

Daniel Hind makes a powerful statement in the end: Those who want to see law and order restored must turn their attention to a menace that no amount of riot police will disperse; a social and political order that rewards vandalism and the looting of public property, so long as the perpetrators are sufficiently rich and powerful.

Nothing ‘mindless’ about Rioters 

Although riots are complex social phenomenona, the recent unrest in England has inescapably political roots.
Daniel Hind Last Modified: 09 Aug 2011 18:04
High unemployment may not have directly caused the riots, but the riots certainly had a political context [EPA]

Civil disturbances never have a single, simple meaning. When the Bastille was being stormed the thieves of Paris doubtless took advantage of the mayhem to rob houses and waylay unlucky revolutionaries. Sometimes the thieves were revolutionaries. Sometimes the revolutionaries were thieves. And it is reckless to start making confident claims about events that are spread across the country and that have many different elements. In Britain over the past few days there have been clashes between the police and young people. Crowds have set buildings, cars and buses on fire. Shops have been looted and passersby have been attacked. Only a fool would announce what it all means.   Continue reading

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