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Saints Caribjam and Victoria Pub – 2011 Photo Album

Saints and Victoria Pub events - Friday July 29


Here are 149 pictures of two events held on Friday July 29, 2011.  The Saints Stanislaus Caribjam  and the Victoria Pub event.

Pictures from Mark Bannister. www.gtlime.ezreunions.com


Tilapia production idea for Guyana – Tony Vieira

TILAPIA  – Commentary by Tony Vieira

Tilapia has become the third most important fish in aquaculture worldwide after carps and salmons. Because of their large size, rapid growth, and palatability, a number of tilapia fish varieties are at the focus of major aquaculture efforts throughout the globe, some countries are even trying to breed them to grow in more temperate climates but mostly it is grown in the tropics, in our part of the world production of tilapia is concentrated in Ecudor 90% and Brazil.

Tilapia has been established as the easiest and most profitable fish to farm. This is due to their omnivorous diet, mode of reproduction (the fry do not pass through a planktonic phase), tolerance of high stocking density, and rapid growth. In some regions the fish can even be put out in the rice fields when rice is planted, and will have grown to edible size (12–15 cm, 5–6 inches) when the rice is ready for harvest. One recent estimate for the FAO puts annual production of tilapia at about 1.5 million tonnes annually, a quantity comparable to the annual production of farmed salmon and trout…

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Guyana, Belize reduced hunger by 50% in 2010 – FAO

Saturday, 06 August 2011

Guyana, Belize reduced hunger by 50 percent in 2010

Guyana is one of two countries (Belize being the other) in the Caribbean to reduce hunger by 50 percent last year, says Lystra Fletcher-Paul, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) representative. Fletcher-Paul indicated that Guyana knows what it wants in terms of agriculture in the Caribbean. Though the country has a high food production rate there is an issue of accessibility and this is the case in most hinterland communities where transportation is a challenge. Other Caribbean countries have become dependent on imported food and the emphasis is not on agriculture like Guyana. Explaining further, Fletcher-Paul stated that Guyana has land space available for agricultural purposes, while other countries like Trinidad and Tobago focus on other industries like petroleum.

The Caribbean Region is confronting an ever increasing food import bill which now stands at US$4B. […] They need to have the will to increase their agricultural output. Fletcher-Paul noted that agriculture needs to be featured in the schools’ timetables as it is necessary to get children involved in agriculture. Utilizing agriculture as a school based learning tool would increase the importance placed in this field. […]

Fletcher-Paul emphasized that in Guyana, under the All ACP Agricultural Commodities Project, the Guyana Agricultural Producers’ Association (GAPA) assisted the Kuru Kuru Crop and Livestock Farmer’s Association to develop a business model and strategic action plan to improve the linkages between their farmers and buyers of eddoes.

Source: guyanesenews.com