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Corentyne centenarian reaches an amazing 110 years

Corentyne centenarian reaches an amazing 110 years
— 110- year- old Ismay Spooner, the oldest person living in Guyana

By Leon Suseran

It is said that the best things are hidden far away, and perhaps that is true, since Guyana’s oldest citizen is quietly living out her God-given blessings in a village called Little Africa, in Corriverton, Corentyne.
She is 110-year-old Ismay Spooner nee Hinckson, a woman full of stories and visions.
Mrs Spooner was born in Barbados on December 27, 1900 to Bajan parents. Her father, Livingston, died before she was born, and her mother was Louise, who also lived to a ripe old age, 102- years.
Her two brothers and two sisters are all deceased, leaving her to be the only surviving member of her family.
She married Harold Spooner, a cane- harvester in British Guiana. He is now deceased.
Sitting on her bed, a very alert and talkative Mrs Spooner said that she left Barbados at age 10, with her mother and uncles, for British Guiana “during the indentureship period”. “They were carrying people all about to [build] Panama [Canal]; to different places”, she said.
“Cutting cane was a hard work, a very hard work. Rain a fall and beat you till you…Oh Lord have mercy…when a rain fall, you shiver like a leaf on a tree. Sometimes the rain wet you good on the backdam”, she reminisced.
“Plenty people come with me and they go away back to Barbados.” Continue reading

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