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Canada Guyana Music Festival – Saturday July 30, 2011


Easter Monday 2011 – 63 Beach Corentyne, Berbice

Easter Monday 2011 – 63 Beach Corentyne, Berbice. Guyana.

This is a video of the largest crowd ever assembled at 63Beach on the Corentyne Coast to celebrate Easter Monday, flying their kites, swimming, eating, partying and having a great day on the beach.  The large crowd has been facilitated by the new Berbice Bridge, making it much easier to get to Corentyne, Berbice.

The song “Curry Tabanca” is by the Mighty Trini.

Africa and its history – By Cedric L. Joseph

Africa and its history – By Cedric L. Joseph

Africa’s first task was to establish that, like other societies, it had a past and was part of the known global community. For too long the African past had been hidden from the history of the world. An assortment of denials, myths, prejudices and falsehoods, reflecting nineteenth century Enlightenment and the primacy of classicism, wove a deceptive fabric of the African past. The prevailing view was that western civilization was the racial heritage of ancient Greece, and that Africa was a “special case” diverging from the rest of humanity in matters of evolution and in its genetic make-up. It followed that Africa had neither history nor documents or written sources, and that its acclaimed oral traditions were inadequate and unreliable evidence.

This was the core of what came to be described as the Eurocentric view that gained widespread, though uncritical, adoption and dictated western curriculum. To explain the involvement of the northern part of Africa in the affairs of the ancient world, the theorists severed Africa into two geographical zones. They produced as existing from  the dawn of history a ‘white Africa’ and a ‘black Africa’ separated by the Sahara by drawing a line  between the civilization of ancient Egypt/Nubia and the peoples residing south of the Sahara. Further, to cultivate the idea of separation, they presented the Sahara as impenetrable and impeding contact between the peoples of the two zones.

An African Guyanese family on Emancipation Day

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