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Which Low-Cost Laptop is Best for Education?

Which Low-Cost Laptop is Best for Education?

By: Wayan Vota

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Over the last 5 years, several low-cost laptops were introduced expressly for educational systems of the developing world. Starting with the XO-1 laptop from One Laptop Per Child, and expanding to include the ClassmatePC, these computers then spawned consumer netbooks like the Asus Eee-PC, which could also be used for education. Now we have tablet computers like the Amazon Kindle and the Apple iPad that also can be used in educational settings. In fact, there is a whole plethora of low-cost ICT device options for educators.

Let us first learn more about the four main types of low-cost computers that are widely used in education                 Continue reading

Port Mourant Market in Berbice – 2011

Port Mourant Market in Berbice – 2011

Guyana produces massive amounts of agricultural products.  Every market in Guyana reflects the variety and the high quality of foods on sale.

It is recently reported that Guyana has the highest per-capita consumption of fresh fish among CARICOM countries.  Vegetables and fruits are also in abundance and extremely inexpensive, especially in the country areas.

Here is a video of various market scenes in the Port Mourant Market in 2011.

It should bring back memories for those who have experienced various market scenes in Guyana………

Places I Love – Beautiful Guyana!

Places I Love – Beautiful Guyana!

Its majestic landscapes, eclectic architecture, colourful flora, and fascinating fauna, make Guyana an unforgettable land!