Letter on Denis Solomon – by Joey Jagan

Letter on Denis Solomon – by Joey Jagan

Dear Editor,

I would like to share, from personal experience, the achievements which Guyanese are capable of by relating the educational voyage which an old friend of mine completed with great distinction. Denis Solomon , a school-mate of mine from Queens College(1961-1967), was always an achiever and always brought home to his Syrian – Guyanese parents living on Smyth Street , grades which were always at the top of his form(class) at QC. Denis, I remember, always won prizes for bringing first or second each and every term at QC and was a good friend and one to look up to with admiration because of his disciplined approach to his studies, his humour and unique Syrian-Guyanese “look”, respectful and correct in every way and always, neat and well dressed. My father , President Cheddi, always liked Denis’ disposition and encouraged me to be more like him, especially in my studies; these were the times when Denis often visited at Red House to play cricket and just “hang out”.          

Editor, Denis and I lost touch for over 44 years and just 2 weeks ago , he contacted me through KN and our friendship has been renewed but the achievements which Dr. Solomon , PHd. has under his belt are truly amazing and I would like to share them with your readers and the general Guyanese public ,all of whom should be proud of what this son of Guyana has accomplished since he left these shores for England where his advanced education in scientific research (including work at the University of Miami) should be enough to nominate him for one of Guyana’s leading prizes given annually by the President.

Editor, Denis Solomon is a scientific inventor and has patents on the following: 1.(10/12/88)-Use of gaseous Tritium light sources(Beta lights)with respect to nocturnal illumination; 2.(2/20/02)-Bioabsorbable matrix for use as surgical/medical dressing; 3.(3/4/02) Bioabsorbable matrix for use as surgical/medical dressing; 4.(12/17/03)-Pre-conditioning of heart tissue;5.(12/22/04)-A surgical dressing for the treatment of body burns and for normal healing; 6.(3/29/06)-Biotissue engineering for preparing human cells for transplant into damaged human hearts which includes an extracellular scaffold; 7.(2/4/08)-In vitro human skin test assay protocol; 8.(10/8/08)-Recognition of melanocytes in benign and cancerous tissue; 9.(12/22/10)-Topical composition for the healing of wounds; and 10(6/15/11)-An in vitro skin assay protocol which directly uses the natural cellular interactions between un-manipulated autologous human epidermal and dermal cells. These achievements can be verified at :esp@cnet database-gb. Denis has also written a published book under a pen name, even designing the cover and even though it’s not about science, he is quite proud in it’s publication and marketing.

Editor, imagine where we would be in our development if all the brainpower of Guyanese who left these shores and made remarkable achievements had benefitted our country directly by returning to take part in building a better Guyana. But the politics of race and division has rendered our country weak , especially in technology and science, where all the best brains have migrated for better “pastures” and like Denis Solomon, see no real future because of the political and economic conditions facing the citizens of our dear country. Editor, I am just not proud of my friend’s achievements because he was my good buddy from QC ; no, I am just as proud because he’s a son of our motherland and a product of our best instincts as a nation. I take my hat off to Denis Eon Solomon, my dear friend always, and as we said in the old days about brilliant persons in Guyana: a true “brainiac”.

Yours faithfully,


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  • Hubert Hintzen - hhintzen@hotmail.com  On July 12, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    Thanks Joey for this splendid article on the achievements of one of Guyana’s sons. It is heartening to read. Just in case no one knows, I would like to mention the name of another son of Guyana who achieved fame educationally after leaving for England to advance his education. That is Dr. Ivan VanSertima (a Barr St. Kitty boy) who became a world respected poet, linguist, anthropologist (They came before Columbus – one of his books).

  • John Choy  On July 12, 2011 at 8:28 pm

    Hi Joey, Continue the good work you do in your published correspondences such as this one. We must continue to encourage (former) friends, associates & family members who have left these shores for personal reasons, to return even for a visit and with our personal reassurances as to their safety and welfare. Four years ago (after a forty year hiatus) I returned to see if I could ‘help out’ and I now ‘visit’ Canada annually! We cannot ‘give up’ and change takes time. We need our Guyanese back here. All the best. From a former Chemistry teacher (QC ’67) who heard about you in Quebec in the ’70s. J. Choy.

  • kathy solomon- marjan  On September 20, 2011 at 5:04 am

    Hi Joey,

    Nice to hear that you and Dennis have reconnected. Your name brings back many happy memories of my time as a wee one back home. Thank you for your kind words about my brother , Dennis. My Mom would have been thrilled to read this article. I am the youngest Solomon who now lives and teaches in Alberta, Canada.


    Kathy Solomon-Marjan

    • Zarubin Chivola Singh aka Joe.  On July 7, 2018 at 10:47 am

      Hello kathy, If you get this let me know. I live in London ,Ontario.My parents had a store near your dad’s. Would love to hear from you.Regards Joe.

      • Kathy  On July 1, 2020 at 12:22 pm


        Just saw this. I do not recognize your name as it has been over four decades since I left . Anyways, hello from one Guyanese to another. Thx Kathy

      • Zarubin C Singh  On July 14, 2020 at 9:01 pm

        Hello Kathy, yes it is along time ,I left in August 1968. I was a skinny shy coloured boy. I adored you. I asked you to go to the movies and you said yes, to my supprise. You said I will meet you at the Globe theatre. As I walked just before Church St., I saw you with a some of your friends . I said hi and all of you burst out laughing. Any way. I chickened out and took off. I never got another chance to see you and apologize for my standing you up. I left B.G for a holiday and I never went back. I’ve been living here for 54yrs. Kind thoughts to you and your family. Regards, Joe.

    • Zarubin Chivola Singh. aka Joe.  On July 21, 2020 at 12:34 pm

      Below is my new contact.

  • Mike Persaud  On July 15, 2020 at 12:40 am


    The above is a forlorn and sad commentary of an immeasurable loss to our beloved country, penned by Joey Jagan. It is a direct result of the destructive, selfish politics of race and division orchestrated by predatory opportunism.

    Much of the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of those vested? with the responsibility of governing the country in the immediate decades after the British left.

    With the vast post-independence brain drain and concomitant depopulation (that continue unabated) the evidence of the wreckage is strewn all over the landscape. It is as if a nuclear bomb was detonated. One of the lingering effects if the damage is our ability to self-govern efficiently and prosperously.

    Look at the current political charade plaguing us as the world looks on. How shameful, how embarrassing.

    If any of you brilliant expatriates, driven to near and distant lands, know what the solution is to salvaging this bitter racial divide please step up.


    • Zarubin C Singh  On July 23, 2020 at 6:40 pm

      That’s some pretty fancy writing Mike. Dispite the racist animosity I endured – between the 40s to 60s – I still liked B.G. my father was Indian and mother was coloured. Even as a tween listening to Cheddi, Forbes and Peter give talks, I had high hopes with there new found knowledge, we would transition into a better people. What I heard in 1958. And what I saw in Feb.1962. I realised at that time the people are screwed.

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