The AFC has the plan and “will” transform Guyana!

The AFC has the plan and “will” transform Guyana!

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For over forty years the talk of transforming Guyana has been just that – talk!  Oh yes…some lives have been transformed –but take a good look,  they are just the ruling elite, whoever is in power at the time…but for the average Guyanese? Well, the poor has gotten poorer, many continue to migrate and more suffering from mental illnesses seem to be on the streets. Like the word “potential” we continue to dream of better days as one generation is replaced by another.

The Alliance for Change is here to tell you, we see, we hear and we can change this together – you and me! The AFC ‘IS” different, look at what we have said, look at what we have done. Since our inception we have tried to shape a new kind of politics in Guyana.  It starts with healing and reconciliation and a commitment to work hard to change Guyana’s racially based politics which has put one race against another and issue based politics in the bin. Few have won in this system and hundreds of thousands have lost.

For the AFC’s our core principle which states :“That the development of a just society is founded on the supremacy of the rule of law and the belief that all persons are equal” is the foundation of our belief  and our plan to transform Guyana and its economy, for the benefit of “all Guyanese” in based on a series of these principles:  

The Plan of Action: Foundation 1: Private Sector Driven

Economy and Industrialisation: More Jobs, Better Pay Through private sector led industrial development, the AFC aspires to achieve rapid economic growth and lead Guyana to becoming the Singapore of the Americas.  Through our detailed program of transforming the productive and emerging sectors, the AFC will foster and facilitate the upgrading of skills for our people, enhance industrial growth and value added services.  The vision is to produce world-class exports, with lessons drawn from the experiences of countries like Singapore.

The AFC strongly rejects the subsistence level of economic development encouraged by the PNC and PPP. We will therefore outline a series of industrial policies that will produce goods and services that are at the higher end of the value chain such as turning molasses and sugar cane into ethanol, raw sugar into refined sugar, rice into cereals, gold and diamond into world class jewellery, and bauxite into alumina.  We will produce more packaged rice and stock feeds, and promote eco-tourism beyond Kaieteur Falls, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Call Centres, and light manufacturing. We will build renewable energy equipment like windmills and solar plants, and support agro-processing of juices, and supermarket grade packaged fruits and vegetables.

The AFC will establish a one-stop Investment Agency that will be empowered to advocate for the private sector and deliver its decisions in a timely and
effective manner.  State agencies that are slothful will no longer be tolerated.

Foundation 2: Personal Security: Less Crime
The AFC will confront serious crimes and arrest the spread of organized gangs and improve public and personal security.  Despite the significant increase in violent crime which is the main deterrent for new investment in Guyana and a direct stimulant for migration of our best talent, the PPP and the PNC failed to arrest it. Not a single major drug dealer was convicted by the PPP. Guyana is a country of unsolved crimes and non-convicted criminals.

The AFC will develop innovative strategies to enhance and support current police efforts to better serve the security needs of Guyana. The AFC, with the help of friendly foreign agencies like the FBI, Scotland Yard and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, will provide the leadership and support to the Joint Services to further develop the nation’s capacity to prevent and control crime. The AFC will provide resources to reduce the opportunity for criminals to corrupt the Joint Services.

Foundation 3:  Equal Opportunity: One Nation
The AFC recognizes that each citizen, no matter his or her race, creed, colour, or gender has the right to access opportunities and make an important contribution to nation building. Failure to ensure ethnic balance in political, economic and social opportunities is counterproductive and a waste of our rich talents. Moreover, as a nation we must realise that all ethnic groups must be developed simultaneously and jettison the zero sum mentality of the past. Everyone can be made better off, given our bountiful natural resources.

The AFC will reform and empower the Ethnic Relations Commission to provide Ethnic Impact Statements of Cabinet Decisions and Government departments where necessary and such findings will be acted upon in the best interest of all Guyanese.

Foundation 4: Political Reforms: One Destiny
AFC recognises that the present Constitution does not serve the best interest of the country and within the shortest possible time in office will appoint a Commission to rewrite the Constitution with the full participation of the people. The new constitution  will put the necessary checks and balances in place to consolidate our ethos of liberal democracy. Freedom of speech, devolution of power and the Bill of Rights of our citizens will be enshrined in the document.  The document shall provide processes to expose and penalize abuse of power, and corrupt activities.  Our citizens shall be held to the rule of law in all their actions by this sacrosanct document.

There is no doubt that Guyana’s economic success is being stymied by a politically backward constitution. The present political conflict between central government and the Georgetown City Council highlights this point. Guyana has not seen local government elections since 1994.  AFC commits to meaningful local government reforms and holding these elections soon.

Foundation 5: Our Youth: Our Future
The AFC recognises that in keeping our commitment to break with the past and govern in the best interest of Guyana and all her people, we must acknowledge that our young people are one of our most valuable resources, especially since Guyana’s population is mostly under 35 years of age.  The AFC’s political, economic and social evolution shall be focused on developing programmes that will provide opportunities to build character, values, self-esteem, employability and reduce risk factors such as crime, drug abuse, alcoholism, teen pregnancy, suicide, violence and illiteracy.   Our program will generate support and resources to make recreation, the arts and sports hallmarks of excellence to restore the bond between youth and their communities.

  • Raphael Trotman, Leader
  • Khemraj Ramjattan Presidential Candidate
  • Sheila Holder, Prime Ministerial Candidate

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