“PPP Prepared For Elections” – Donald Ramotar

“PPP Prepared For Elections” – Donald Ramotar

Donald Ramotar

The incumbent People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) is ready to face the polls and is confident of being re-elected for a fifth consecutive term, Donald Ramotar, the party’s presidential candidate declared on Friday June 24, 2011.

“Our electoral structures at both the leadership level and in the communities have been established to face the challenges,” he stated.

He said that the party is confident of victory as it is going to the electorate with “a proud record to stand on.”

According to Ramotar, the PPP/C has delivered on its promises and is now working on its manifesto for the upcoming period. However, the PPP General Secretary stressed that the projects the party plans to announce would be realistic, as the party wants to be careful not to make promises it can’t deliver on.

“Since we assumed the administration of Guyana our country has made great strides in every aspect of life,” Ramotar stated.

At the economic level, he said the PPP/C has moved Guyana from being a basket case in 1992 to being the most dynamic economy in the Caribbean today.

At the social level Guyana has progressed tremendously, Ramotar said, pointing out that the government’s housing programme is exemplary. He noted that since the PPP came to office 80,000 house lots have been distributed.

“In education we are building a nation where all our people will have access to quality education and where all will be able to use the most modern tools available today,” Ramotar stated, making mention of the One Laptop Per Family Project.

He boasted also that the country’s health services have come a very far way, as more and more facilities are made available.

At the political stage, Ramotar claimed that Guyana is now one of the most democratic nations in the world.

“All the fundamental freedoms and human rights are protected,” he declared.

The PPP/C, Ramotar said, is heartened by the growing amount of support being expressed by civic society for the party at the up-coming election.

“We look forward to working with all to realise in full Guyana’s potential,” he stated.

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