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Guyana: 45 Years of Independence – 2011

Parliament Building. Georgetown. Guyana.


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Ministry of Culture, National Archives opens annual exhibition for Independence Anniversary at the National Museum
The Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports in partnership with the National Archives yesterday opened its annual exhibition in celebration of Guyana’s 45th Anniversary of Independence at the National Museum.

Guyana on stable development course, a path-finder in climate change – President Jagdeo 
– at  45th Independence anniversary

Georgetown, GINA, May 25, 2011

Guyana is on a stable developmental pathway, with an economy that is one of the strongest in the Caribbean, having experienced the sixth consecutive year of strong economic growth, in addition to being one of the fastest growing economies in CARICOM for the past five years.
President Bharrat Jagdeo in his final independence address at the National Park, this evening as Guyana observed its 45th anniversary since having gained its freedom from Great Britain, told a packed park of the country’s unwavering development.

President Bharrat Jagdeo inspecting the guard of Honour at the 45th Independence anniversary celebration

He noted that if the country is to craft a Guyana that can take its rightful place among the nations of the world, then the vision beyond what might have seemed innovative just 10 years ago needs to be upgraded.
“Our vision for Guyana still includes the need for an expanding, broadly based economy. That is why our sustained economic growth and the prudent management of public finances is enabling us to keep inflation low, our currency stable and to build our national reserves to their highest level ever, all while dealing with the greatest global financial crisis in our independent country’s history,” he said.
 That vision, he said, needs to support the development and expansion of a vigorous and globally competitive private sector; it still needs to stay the course in modernising the traditional economic sectors, especially sugar which continues to recover from the major trading shocks of recent years; it still needs to capitalise on the increasingly valuable mining sectors and also to enshrine the principle that economic success must be combined with social justice.

“We need to look to a field of vision greater than we have had in the past. And the foundations we have built over the last decade and more mean that we can go out and benefit from that field of vision,” President Jagdeo said.  Continue reading