Exhibition -“Influences of our African Forefathers…”

Influences of our African Forefathers in the Struggles for Independence’. 


The Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports in partnership with the National Archives yesterday opened its annual exhibition in celebration of Guyana’s 45th Anniversary of Independence at the National Museum.

The exhibition is being held under the theme, ‘Influences of our African Forefathers in the Struggles for Independence’. 

This year exhibition pays homage and highlights several of our African forefathers who helped in the fight for Guyana independence.

The theme of the exhibition is also in honor of 2011 being recognised by the United Nations, as the year of People of African Descent.

The exhibition highlights persons such as the first leader of Guyana, L.F.S Burnham, Guyana President from 1985-1992 Desmond Hoyte and political advocate Walter Rodney.

In addition to the exhibits of the African pioneers of independence, displayed as well, are other central persons as well as events that led and culminated into the realization of Guyana independence.

In his address at the exhibition opening, Minister of Culture Youth and Sports, Dr. Frank Anthony said the purpose of the exhibition is not merely a celebration of Guyana independence but a remembrance to Guyanese of our independency.

The Minister urged Guyanese to remember our independence and to reflect on what our ancestors fought for and achieved.  He advocated that Guyanese not only remember what was fought for and gained but that we also continue from where they left off.
“Our ancestors did what they had to do, they brought us to a point, we must stand on their shoulders, continue to build so we can take it to another point for our children and their children, he said.

Director of Culture within the Ministry of Culture, Dr. James Rose speaking at the opening said that he sometimes gets the impression that the struggle for independence, the lesson of that struggle and the current implication of that struggle might be lost today on Guyanese.

He said that if this is indeed the fact or if we are in the process of forgetting, then occasions such as this exhibition serves to ensure that we never forget our struggles for political independence.

The exhibition runs from May 24 to June 7

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  • Rosaliene Bacchus  On May 27, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    My wish on this our 45th year as an independent nation is that Guyanese of all races would some day learn from and forgive the errors of our forefathers in their struggle for our independence.

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