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Letter: Cheddi Jagan (jr) on Bin Laden’s death

Letter: Cheddi Jagan (jr) on Bin Laden’s death

Dear Editor,

The death of Osama Bin Laden is good news for the whole world and as I have said time and time again, President Obama has been on the right track since he became the leader of the democratic world. I remember, just after 9/11, there was a letter in Time Magazine by an active US Navy Seal, who stated that he was trained to live in swamps, swimming through snake and alligator infested water and existing on lizards, plant roots and grasshoppers; this Navy Seal also mentioned that he was also trained in warfare in deserts, jungles, oceans and even urban situations. He wrote that no matter how long it took , the US military would hunt down and kill Bin Laden and his associates by sheer dedication to their profession and to pay back Bin laden for what was done to America’s  pride; he stated that all Bin Laden did, was to awake a sleeping American giant which would hunt him to the end of this planet .

Editor, who knows, maybe this man was one of those who killed Bin Laden in this brilliantly executed operation in Pakistan by US Navy seals. One demonstrator in the USA, happily held up a placard in front of the White House which said simply: “Obama kill Osama”, a message which the remnants of Al Queda will cringe at as they scramble to run and hide.

Editor, as I have written before, President Obama has shown the world that he is a tough and determined leader, willing to take immense risks in protecting the world from the likes of Bin Laden and his network of terror, while ignoring Pakistani protection of this nefarious terrorist.  Let this be a lesson to all those in this world who are hell-bent on causing trouble and maiming and killing innocent victims by using terrorism and extreme violence because Obama is not a man to mess with and Iran, in particular, had better stop developing a nuclear weapon because we now know  that, for sure, Mr.Obama will take the necessary measures to punish such criminality; and Editor, we both know that if Obama is forced to confront Iran, the defeat that rogue nation would suffer at the hands of the USA would result in the world never hearing from them for a 100 years. Gaddafi (Libya)and Assad (Syria) will feel the relentless heat of Obama and will be dethroned sooner or later, it’s only a matter of time. Bin Laden’s 9/11 attack really awoke a sleeping giant,  just like the attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941 by the Japanese , who also awoke America and ended up a defeated and disgraced nation by 1945, Al Queda will be destroyed by American power and the determination of Obama in finishing them off forever.

Bin Laden couldn’t hide out in the caves of the Pakistan-Afgan border region because special forces (and armed drones) of the US had him on the run since 9/11 and gathered intelligence for 8 months before this remarkable victory; it just shows the power of American might when President Obama could sit on a sofa and watch, through video cameras strapped to the Seals’ bodies, the actual facial expressions of Bin Laden as he was shot dead, a fitting end to a cruel fanatic. As he descends to Hell’s gate, Bin Laden soul will beg for mercy for the misery and suffering he caused our world and  will burn brightly in Hell’s cruel environs as Mr. Obama continues his good deeds, dedicating his presidency to a better world.

Editor, obviously Bin laden was not a student of history or he would have known that the history of terrorism is a history of failure wherever it raised it’s ugly head, even as far back as the early 1800s when President Jefferson had to raise an American naval squadron to hunt down and destroy terroristic naval piracy in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea ; maybe he thought that Islamic terrorism would be different but after seeing the upheavals in the Middle East where the young people are struggling for American style democracy and transparency and are not attracted to his Islamic terrorism, he had to have known that he was a complete failure and a coward to boot, hiding out in luxury while his followers languished in adverse conditions.  Now, the writing is on the wall for Al Queda as President Obama will hunt them down mercilessly , without asking for nor giving any quarter and taking no prisoners in a war which will have only one winner: the sleeping giant who woke up on Sept.11,2001 (9/11) and will never go to sleep until the Bin Ladens are all dead and defeated. It is so written.

Yours faithfully,

Bill Maher – Killing of Bin Laden and “Republican Crackers”

Bill Maher – Killing of Bin Laden and “Republican Crackers”


Bill Maher, in his own inimitable style, on the mission to kill Bin Laden and the political fallout, with a lot of laughs along the way.

If this Bill Maher video is no longer available  you can see the script of what he said on this video here on HBO:  There are also other HBO clips that are very amusing.


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