April 2011 – 36 New Blog-Website Entries

During April 2011 we published 36 new blog-website entries:

Click on the title to view the article or video:-

1. Trinidad music incorporated with India music

‘Ave Maria’ – video

3. Paradox of Our Times- slide show

4. Buxton-Friendship Express – April 2011

5. Old Jet Magazines – from 1950 onwards

6. A nostalgic look at Guyana’s cinemas

7. David Granger Interview by Bibi Naraine

8. Ken Corsbie – Talk and More Talk

9. GCA to pay tribute to ten Guyanese Women

10. GUYAID Mother’s Day Luncheon – Greenbelt, Maryland


12. Obama vs Trump by Cheddie (Joey) Jagan

13. GTLIME-10th Anniversary Dinner Dance – Toronto – July 30,2011

14. Guyana Family Fun Day – Orlando, Florida – May 29, 2011

15. ‘Back To The Hop’ Spring Dance – Toronto

16. Guyanese Association of Manitoba Inc.

17. GUYANA KAIETEUR GROUP, INC. – Awards Banquet


19. West Indians in Britain during WW2

20. Ken Corsbie – “Arriving in America”

21. Guyana Medical Relief Donates Medicine

22. A Tribute to Byron Lee – ‘The Dragon’

23. Caribbean Style and Culture Showcase – June 24, 2011

24. Father’s Day Walk/Run – Scarborough Ontario

25. The Story of Jonah – video

26. “Make THE Difference” – video

27. GUYFEST – Cultural Festival – July 2/2011

28. Guyanese Online Newsletter – April 2011 –

29. Indian Institute of Technology – IIT

30. “Guyanese Business doing well” – video

31. Conflicts in the “One Laptop Per Family” project

32. Girl plays piano with no finger on one hand

33. “Empire Of Cricket” – The West Indies

34. India Wins Cricket World Cup 2011

35. Food chart and health benefits

36. NYC Cultural Association. – Mother’s Day Dinner Theatre

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  • PAMELA GONSALVES  On May 5, 2011 at 6:52 am

    I left British Guiana in 1966 for the United States. I was born in Kitty and later my family moved to Alexander Village and West Ruimveldt. I attended St. Joseph School on David St., St Winefred’s, Carmel R.C. and Prestonville Commercial College/Ms. Osborn. I worked for Bookers Shipping, Marics & Co. and Alec Russell. My friends knew me as Pame D’Oliveira and married a Gonsalves.

    My brothers were Claude V. Worrell, Sr.,Joseph and Carlos D’Oliveira. My sisters Waveney Phillipe and Joan D’Oliveira/Gossip. My sister Waveney and her daughter Debbie Archer still reside in Guyana. My other relatives live in Canada, England, Puerto Rico and the United States.

    I would love to hear from any of my friends especially Juliette Alleyne, Mignon, Lynn and Monty Kirton. My e-mail address is pame940@sbcglobal.net or thru this site.

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