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‘Ave Maria’ – video

Paradox of Our Times- slide show

Paradox of Our Times- slide show

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Slide ShowParadox of Our Times

This is a very philosophical video that was created with the backdrop of  the architecture and life in modern China.  It highlights the fact that as we have become more materialistic, that we have lost the true meaning of life and forgotten the things that really matter.  It is worth viewing so please have a look. I am sure that you will not be disappointed! ….. Make your comments!

Note- Please use your mouse left button to advance the slides.

Buxton-Friendship Express – April 2011

Buxton Friendship Express – April 2011

The Buxton-Friendship Express (newsletter) for April 2011 is now available.  To enjoy a copy, please click here:

You can obtain past issues of our newsletter from our website at:  
We are also pleased to share information about the

CIMBUX – Memorial Weekend Dance

–an Errol Bathersfield (Bonehead) Memorial event,

on Saturday, May 28, 2011 in Maryland, USA.

For more information:

Old Jet Magazines – from 1950 onwards – updated


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Here’s something special, especially for those of us
Who have been around for a while.
A keeper that may bring back memories or instruct.
This is Black American History at its best!!!

This entry contains copies of the Jet Magazine
going all the way back to 1950.
Not only do you get the covers of all the issues of Jet Magazine, but you can actually read the issues. Good tool for your children and grandchildren. Please share…   Browse all issues

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A nostalgic look at Guyana’s cinemas

A nostalgic look at Guyana’s cinemas

– By Bernard Heydorn  (2004)

I must confess that my first love affair was with the cinema, when I was growing up in Guyana, after World War II. The silent movies of 1920s had given way to the talkie movies of the 1930s. My parents spoke fondly of seeing Nelson Eddy and Jeannette MacDonald star in classic movies of that era, like Rose Marie and Sweethearts. This was reinforced, no doubt, by the fact that my parents were recently married and were themselves sweethearts.

But the story of the cinema in Guyana goes back to the 1920s when the Gaiety, which was probably Guyana’s first cinema, stood by the Brickdam Roman Catholic Presbytery in Georgetown, and showed Charlie-Chaplin-type, silent movies.

The Gaiety burnt down around 1926, but was followed by other cinemas such as the Metro on Middle Street, in Georgetown, which became the Empire; the London on Camp Street, which became the Plaza; and the Astor on Church and Waterloo Streets, which opened around 1940.

There was the Metropole on Robb and Wellington Streets; the Rialto, which became the Rio, on Vlissengen Road; the Hollywood, one of my favourites in Kitty; and the Strand de Luxe on Wellington Street, which was considered the luxury show place.

But in fact, each of the cinemas had their heyday and special clientele, and some like the Astor, Plaza, Metropole, and the Strand de Luxe still stand today.

Take for example, the Olympic on Lombard Street in Georgetown. During the 1940s, one could buy a little cheaper ticket there, but had to be contented with just four walls and benches!

The luxury of a roof was not there, and so this cinema was considered the first “fowl house.”

Then there was the Capitol on La Penitence Street in Albouystown, which had a rough reputation. A friend of mine once saw a movie there called Death Takes A Holiday, but did not take a holiday when a bomb was thrown into the Pit thee during the civil disturbances in Guyana in the 1960s, killing two women inside.

The first movie I saw was Tarzan: The Ape Man, starring Johnny Weissmuller, at the Globe cinema in New Amsterdam, around 1952. I was dazzled and transported to a never-never-land of larger than life gods, goddesses and villains.

On the screen, I escaped to exotic places where people lived in splendour and performed feats I had never dreamt possible, take for example, King Kong!

Heroes and heroines sang and danced, lived, loved and died, and spoke immortal words that were burned forever in my memory. The movie shows provided a release from the drudgery and struggle of everyday life, even if it was for just a few hours, and cinema proprietors, like Ho A Yun of the Globe in New Amsterdam, were household names and stand-outs in the community. Continue reading

David Granger Interview by Bibi Naraine

TIME OUT Caribbean Specials

Interview by PNCR Presidential Candidate David Granger

with Bibi Naraine.

Click on link below and then on the Granger photo.

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Click the photo of David Granger to play the Interview

Ken Corsbie – Talk and More Talk

Ken Corsbie – Talk and More Talk

The Caribbean and its Diaspora are full of oral/aural poets who create very varied and interesting works.. These are excerpts from the TALK AND MORE TALK program that is part of the thirteen documentary videos on the arts and cultures of the Caribbean (CARIBBEAN EYE) produced by Banyan Studio of Trinidad back in 1990. Their voices are still valid today. 


Ken Corsbie .. is .. “Caribbean Voices”
Long Island, NY. for my 5 CD’s
for my 42 videos

GCA to pay tribute to ten Guyanese Women

The following article is from the April 2011 Newsletter of the Guyana Cultural Association of New York.   You can download the Newsletter here:

DownloadGuyana Cultural Association – April 2011 Newsletter

GCA to pay tribute to ten Guyanese Women of Courage and Vision

By: Edgar Henry

On Mothers day Sunday May 8, 2011, all roads lead to St. Stephen’s Auditorium, 2806 Newkirk Avenue. New York.

An exciting evening awaits you as the Guyana Cultural Association of NY, for the first time in its ten year history will recognize and pay compliment to ten outstanding Guyanese women of distinction at a planned Dinner Theatre.

This affair will promote and celebrate Guyanese women of courage and vision and will shower accolades on their work, energy and spirit. Oft times in our communities we have unsung heroes that are not fully recognized despite their efforts, yeoman service and invaluable contribution to our diverse societies.

In the archives of Guyana, it is well known that it was indeed Guyanese women of Buxton (with a few men) who ‘Stopped the Train’ on the East Coast of  Demerara in order to gain attention from the authorities in order for their needs to be satisfied. This legend goes back to 1862 when villagers, arming themselves with cutlasses, axes, sticks and other implements, laid wait along the railway line to intercept a locomotive train carrying the Governor, whose audience they fiercely sought.

It was the last resort in a series of efforts by them to secure the abolishment of a repressive tax that was imposed on the properties of several villagers. As the train approached the village, several women and a few men formed themselves into a human shield, forcing the driver to bring the train to an immediate halt. The protestors then proceeded to immobilize the engine by applying chains and locks to its wheels. This forced the Governor to step out and meet with villagers. After listening to their complaint, he reportedly decided to rescind the burdensome tax. Ever since, Buxtonian women have earned the reputation as a people of unequalled courage. They succeeded.

This Herculean task by those Buxton women is tantamount to the brave attempt of Rosa Parks – The woman who changed the world and a nation – She was simply tired and weary from a long day of work when she refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white passenger on December 1, 1955. This incident sparked off the modern civil rights movement in the United States. Rosa Parks’s arrest for

breaking Montgomery segregation laws started a boycott of the city bus line that lasted 381 days. This eventually led to the 1956 Supreme Court ruling declaring segregation illegal on public buses. Rosa was considered “The Mother of the Modern-day Civil Rights Movement,” She succeeded.

Guyanese women too, over the years have traveled near and far and took with them that unique discipline, mantle, education, commitment and courage to new dimensions regardless of the odds they encountered. The struggles and disappointments along the way only made them stronger and more focused coupled with their God fearing stamina, drive and determination.

On Mothers Day GCA will recognize ten of these valiant and heroic women who weathered the storms of life to successfully accomplish their objectives. After an exciting nomination process, these are the honorees selected:-

  • Pat Jordan-Langford
  • Lorna Welshman-Neblett
  • Joyce Chase
  • Rosalind October
  • Pamela McKenzie
  • Mildred Joyce Forde
  • Norma Clarke
  • Rev. Evelyn John
  • Shanie Persaud
  • Pauline Bishop

This event is yet another of the new directions GCA is pursuing with its new mandate. This function will venture into the more classical genre of entertainment in dance, piano, trombone and saxophone renditions and with a special guest artiste to thrill every nerve of your body.

Included in the lineup will be a video presentation of the late legendary broadcaster from the “Radio Demerara Children’s Needy Fund” fame, philanthropist Dame Olga Lopes-Seale (Aunty Olga) who recently passed at the tender age of 93 on February 4th this year.

The program will be adorned with surprises and other exciting activities, including a raffle and a private auction. We guarantee that this Mother’s Day will indeed be special in every form of the word and one that will be remembered in time to come.

It is advised that you secure your tickets early for this extraordinary Mother’s Day Dinner Theatre

GUYAID Mother’s Day Luncheon – Greenbelt, Maryland

Download this flyer here: >MOTHER’S_DAY_FLYER

Please visit us on the web at:

And friend us on FACEBOOK at:

Father’s Day Walk/Run – Scarborough Ontario – June 19

The Alliance of Guyanese Canadian Organizations has teamed up with Prostate Cancer Canada to host a Father’s Day Walk/Run for the Cure of Prostate Cancer.

We are inviting all to participate, register and build your team, see info below.  Please register on the SCARBOROUGH site which is affiliated with the Alliance.

Location: Malvern Community Centre Track – June 19. 2011

30 Sewells Road at Neilson Rd.  Free parking.

Event Day Registration: 8:00 a.m.

Event Start Time: 10:00 a.m.

Additional Information: 5K walk/run, kids’ fun run, survivor stories.

Getting Started

Set your goals. Fundraise $150 or more in donations and your registration fee of $35 will be waived*.  Kids 12 and under are free.

Register ONLINE

Visit click on SCARBOROUGH

1. Create a personal or team fundraising page.

2. Learn fundraising tips, track your team and personal fundraising progress and share your stories.

Instant tax receipts will be issued when donations are made online.

Day of Event

Bring completed forms and donations on Walk/Run Day.

Come early to avoid the rush!

*Registration fees are not eligible for tax receipts and are non-refundable.

What We Do

Prostate Cancer Canada raises funds for the development of programs related to awareness,

public education, advocacy, support of those affected and research into the prevention,

detection, treatment and cure of prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Facts

• During his lifetime, 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with the disease.

• Prostate cancer is the most common cancer to African Canadian men.

• Prostate cancer is over 90% curable if detected and treated in its earliest stages.

• Visit for more information or to view our early detection guidelines.

Come out and let’s walk/run for a good cause.  Please forward to all your contacts, friends, family, etc.

Ingrid King,  President 416-431-0273

Download this document : Father’s Day Walk-Run

Download: Scarborough_brochure.2011