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Eddy Grant – his story and songs – videos

Eddy Grant – his story……… and some of his many songs

Eddy Grant’s website which has a Biography Link, and more info on Eddy visit http://www.eddygrant.com./site/main.html

Also check the MULTIMEDIA page of his website for songs.  Here are three songs.   You can also see them on Eddy Grant’s Website – Multimedia page.


Electric Avenue

Early 80’s Classic  – Eddy Grant’s Great Song


Eddy Grant – Im The One (Just Remember)

Newest hit song by legendary Eddy Grant I’M THE ONE (JUST REMEMEBER) . Taken from the Fishing WOrld show filmed in Guyana. For more info on Eddy please visit http://www.eddygrant.com.

Gimme Hope Joanna

Eddy Grant’s Anthem against South African Apartheid