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Eddie Neblett – Music videos

Eddie Neblett “Love N Unity” Music video

Eddie Neblett – “We Can Make It”

Eddie Neblett “Prayer” Prophecies Album

Carnival in Brazil – 2011 – slide show

Carnival in Brazil – 2011 – slide show

Here is one of the many slide shows of Brazil’s Carnival Parade held this year on March 6-7.  The Carnival (Carnaval in Portuguese) is acclaimed in towns and villages throughout Brazil and some other Catholic countries, Rio de Janeiro is considered as the Carnival Capital of the World.

There was a fire in February that destroyed  thousands of costumes…. but the parade still went on.  Read the second slide for details on the fire and the Parade.

You have to download the slide presentation here :

brazilcarnival2011phpapp01 < click to download

Brazil Carnival Parade - 2011

Exploring a Lifetime of Memories in Guyana


This entry contains a number of videos.

The song on this first video is contained in another entry on the Blog:

Eddie Neblett “Love N Unity” Music video < click top play

The first is a video from someone who calls herself Cathy B.  She took this video between April 1-9 2010, during her visit to Guyana.  We also have another video by her listed …..  you can look at it at this link:


Cathy B. has dedicated this Karanambu Lodge video to Diane Mc Turk and her wonderful staff for the great time she had there.

At the end of the first video you would see a link to a video named Lindee Guyana Vacation 2010 Part 1 of 3. It is followed by Part 2 of 3  and Part 3 of 3.  Just click the links to continue playing the videos…. or you can go directly to the actual  video links below for the individual videos…

Links to  other videos:

Lindee Guyana Vacation 2010 – 1 of 3

Lindee Guyana Vacation 2010 – 2 of 3

Lindee Guyana Vacation 2010 – 3 of 3