Guyana Floods – March 2011 Updates

Guyana Floods – March 2011 Updates

Guyana has been having heavy rainfall over the last month.  In February we reported heavy flooding especially on the coastal lands and the Mahaica-Mahaicony-Abary creeks. The February  Reports are at this link:

The East Demerara Water Conservancy (EDWC) is now at a critical height due to heavy rainfall,  and water from the highlands flowing towards the coast-lands.  Efforts are being made to shore up the  EDWC’s earthen dam and release more water into the Mahaica Creek to prevent the over-topping of the dam.  In 2005, the over-topping of the EDWC caused massive floods which lasted for weeks.

We will update this page as reports come in:

March 24, 2011 – Bare Roots flooded for past five weeks :

March 22, 2011 – poor sea defences lead to overtopping at Herstelling and Providence on (East Bank Demerara).

March 20, 2011 – Spring tides affect Bartica’s power station :

March 20, 2011 – Authorities again releasing water from EDWC as water rises:

March 20, 2011 – Rain, damaged koker flood Wismar, Albouystown :


March 19, 2011 – Mahaica- Mahaicony farmers appeal for more help :

March 19, 2011 – East Demerara Conservancy rising “dangerously”…

March 19, 2011 – Editorial: “The Rains and the Floods” Kaieteur News.

March 19, 2011 – Rice, sugar harvesting resume as weather holds:

March 19, 2011 – West Demerara suffered tremendously from rainfall:


March 18, 2011 – Editorial: “Water Woes” – Kaieteur News


March 17, 2011 – Floods:  1200 acres of rice lost :


March 16, 2011 – Conservancy stops releasing water in the Mahaica creek:

March 16, 2011 – Weather cripples sugar industry:

March 16, 2011 –  Conservancy level rises

March16, 2011 – City’s drainage system hampered by fishing boats.


MARCH 15, 2011 – Conservancy to discharge into Mahaica creek; farmers brace for flooding :

Mar 15, 2011 – Conservancy at critical level – earthen dam being shored up :

March 15, 2011 –  Cyril Potter  College of Education under water as heavy rains continue:

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