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“A Mothers’ March” – Eusi Kwayana

“A Mothers’ March”  –  Eusi Kwayana

It is North and it is South

The Global Women’s strike

The Mothers’ march

March twelve, twenty one-one


This is not a poem: it is a salute

to the world’s Women and the Mothers among them.

In my native Guyana I would be in their ranks

With a few other men

Like the manly Payday Brothers of Ingland “the Bitch”

That once saw a strong woman as a witch.


Where is your hand ?

Salute the world’s women

Taking a stand against the world’s mayhem

Unleashed by sickly men

Who rule the war-waging world


In England, Guyana, Haiti, India, Italy, Peru, Poland, US,


Will grow electronic winds to waft their

Lovely, lifted voices through the wild social spaces


In Congo where men in uniform

Rape routinely;

In the land of the Afghans

Where it is terror versus terror;

In Pakistan

Where it is hazardous

To be civilian


Babies you bring to life and bring to Youth

Are bred as war mechanics

To kill others borne by other Mothers like their own

Kill with clean hands through smart, blind innocent instruments


That keep corporations viable with bottom lines

That spark orgasms on the stock exchanges


In the rich countries the war on poverty is over

And in its place, no armistice, no peace

Instead another war against the poor is raging

with fierce  and focused fury

Everywhere dealing blows in detail


Mothers of our Race,

Claim their distinguished place

And the women leading the Global women’s march

Chant their beautiful Grammy -worthy song


For the world to live with just a chance of being human

and being civilized

Away with war whatever uniform it wears


Away with preludes, alibis to war

like inequality of gender and of race

Of region, tribe and doctrine

The children and all offspring of our bloods are  crying

Caring, Not killing

Caring, Not killing!  Caring, Not killing


And let the chorus- chant give  power to the  Mothers

Of the Middle East

And to the Midwest

In Guyana, in Venezuela, in Kemet  nicknamed Egypt

No turning back.


The MERRYMEN- Island in the Sun

The MERRYMEN- Island in the Sun

Most Barbadians and West Indians grew up on the harmonious tunes of The Merrymen. They are truly a treasure of Barbados and the Caribbean.

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