Guyana Republic Ball 2011 – Orlando, Florida

Guyana Republic Ball 2011 – Orlando, Florida

Click link above to view the photos of the event

Website PHOTOS thread has been updated with pictures from the Guyana Republic Ball Celebration in Orlando, FL, Sat. Feb, 19th, 2011 submitted by Mark Bannister

Slideshow: Click here to view the slideshow <152 photos

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  • Ann Kennedy  On 02/23/2011 at 3:22 pm

    I attended the ball. It was more like a social evening with dinner served. Most people were not dressed in formal attire.
    Maybe for next year’s event you should have dinner, dancing and networking with fellow Guyanese, and not indicate that it is a ball. The word ball means a formal affair with ballroom dancing, wine or champaign served with dinner and much more. Guyanese like other Caribbean folks like to party and have a good time. They are never the formal gathering group, especially the men who like wearing something sporty like shirt jacks. This was just an observation I made and it is just my opinion and not that of anyone else. Keep up the good work of your organization. You seem determined to keep the Guyanese enthusiasm for life burning.

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