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Cricket World Cup -2011


Mike Charles’ Videos


“Mike Charles has been a helicopter pilot in Guyana for over 25 years.

He has created and released three (3) DVDs; (1) Guyana Yours to Discover, (2) Wild Guyana, and the most recent release (3) Pictures of Guyana which  includes unique footage as recorded by Mike Charles and presented in spectacular, unscripted form.

Website: http://www.wildguyana.com/

Pictures of Guyana (New)

This DVD highlights aspects of a magnificent country that has a low carbon footprint. It captures in Still Photography the quintessence of the 40 million hectares of intact rainforest of a country where the people and culture co-exist in harmony with nature and embracing the low carbon development strategy (LCDS) Guyana is implementing.

It includes over 800 pictures of Guyana and Twenty minutes of the Mashramani 2010 float parade for you added enjoyment. Mike Charles Production once again is taking Guyana to the living rooms of the World on DVD.

Website: http://www.wildguyana.com/

Go to the website to see video clips and order his DVD’s

Here is a clip of his first video – “Guyana- Yours to Discover” Order the high quality DVD from his website.

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